Up, Up And Away
Up, Up And Away / The 5th Dimension / Liberty / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Up-Up And Away
A2 Another Day, Another Heartache
A3 Which Way To Nowhere
A4 California My Way
A5 Misty Roses
B1 Go Where You Wanna Go
B2 Never Gonna Be The Same
B3 Pattern People
B4 Rosecrans Boulevard
B5 Learn How To Fly
B6 Poor Side Of Town
It's My House
It's My House / Diana Ross / Motown / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 It's My House
B1 No One Get's The Prize
B2 The Boss
Do Your Thing / Jackie Wilson / MCA Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 To Change My Love
A2 This Guy's In Love With You
A3 Why Don't You Do Your Thing
A4 This Bitter Earth
A5 Helpless
B1 Light My Fire
B2 That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
B3 With These Hands
B4 Hold On I'm Comin'
B5 Eleanor Rigby
Coast Along With The Coasters
A1 (Ain't That) Just Like Me
A2 Keep On Rollin'
A3 Wait A Minute
A4 Stewball
A5 The Snake & The Bookworm
A6 What About Us
B1 Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)
B2 Wake Me, Shake Me
B3 Run Red Run
B4 My Babe
B5 Bad Blood
B6 Girls Girls Girls
A1 Choosing You
B1 Trust In Me
25 Miles
25 Miles / Tamla Motown / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 You Got Me Running
A2 Come Reap My Love
Renaissance (Mono)
A1 I'm The One
A2 Memories Of You
A3 All Is Mine
A4 Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies
A5 Angeline
A6 Songs In The Wind
B1 You May Think
B2 Looking Glass
B3 Come To Me
B4 No Fair At All
B5 You Hear Me Call Your Name
B6 Another Time, Another Place
Nobody But You
Nobody But You / Jackie Wilson / Brunswick / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Where Is Love
A2 You're The Song
A3 Nobody But You
A4 Just Call My Name
A5 Just As Soon As The Feelings Over
B1 Don't Burn No Bridges
B2 You'd Be Good For Me
B3 It Only Happens When I Look At You
B4 Satisfy My Soul
B5 I've Learned About Life
A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
A1 A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
A2 Your One And Only Love
A3 You Cried
A4 The River
A5 When You Add Religion To Love
A6 One Kiss
B1 We Have Love
B2 (You Were Made For) All My Love
B3 Am I The Man
B4 Behind The Smile Is A Tear
B5 We Kissed
B6 (So Many) Cute Little Girls
The Jimmy Ruffin Way
A1 I've Passed This Way Before
A2 Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got
A3 What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
A4 As Long As There Is L-O-V-E Love
A5 Halfway To Paradise
A6 Black Is Black
B1 Bless You
B2 Since I've Lost You
B3 World So Wide, Nowhere To Hide (From Your Heart)
B4 I Want Her Love
B5 Tomorrow's Tears
B6 How Can I Say I'm Sorry
Heart Of Stone (The 'Sure Is Pure' Remixes)
A1 Heart Of Stone (Sure Breakdown Dub)
B1 Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub)
B2 Heart Of Stone
For Once In My Life
For Once In My Life / OC Smith / CBS / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Isn't It Lonely Together
A2 For Once In My Life
A3 Hey Jude
A4 Wichita Lineman
A5 Promises
A6 I Ain't The Worryin' Kind
B1 Melodee
B2 Stormy
B3 Cycles
B4 Keep On Keepin' On
B5 Sounds Of Goodbye
Each Time You Break My Heart
A1 Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix)
B1 Each Time You Break My Heart (Extended Instrumental)
Checkin' On You / Carribean Cruise
A1 Checkin' On You
B1 Carribean Cruise
Motown Memories Vol. 3
A1 Mable John - (I Guess There's) No Llove - 1961
A2 Jnr. Walker & The All Stars - Satan's Blues - 1964
A3 Sammy Ward - Breadwinner - 1964
A4 The Vows - Buttered Popcorn -1965
A5 Gino Parks - Same Thing (Will Happen To You) - 1961
A6 Amos Milburn - My Daily Prayer - 1963
A7 The Darnells - Come On Home - 1963
B1 Earl Van Dyke - Soul Stomp - 1964
B2 Shorty Long - I'm Walkin' - 1969
B3 Gino Parks - That's No Lie -1961
B4 Sammy Ward - Part Time Love - 1962
B5 Mable John - You Made A Fool Out Of Me - 1960
B6 Stevie Wonder - I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues (Part 2) - 1963
Crosswinds / Peabo Bryson / Capitol Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Crosswinds
A2 I'm So Into You
A3 Smile
A4 She's A Woman
B1 Point Of View
B2 Spread Your Wings
B3 Don't Touch Me
B4 Love Is Watching You
Crank It Up (Funk Town)
A1 Crank It Up (Funk Town)
B1 Crank It Up (Funk Town) (Special Extended Disco Version)
What Time Is It?
What Time Is It? / The Time / Warner Bros / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Wild And Loose
A2 777-9311
A3 OnedayI'mgonnabesomebody
B1 The Walk
B2 Gigolos Get Lonely Too
B3 I Don't Wanna Leave You
Purple Rain
A1 Let's Go Crazy
A2 Take Me With U
A3 The Beautiful Ones
A4 Computer Blue
A5 Darling Nikki
B1 When Doves Cry
B2 I Would Die 4 U
B3 Baby I'm A Star
B4 Purple Rain
I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose Lab
A1 I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose
A2 I'm Not A Plaything
A3 Just The Way You Are
A4 Sleep (Little One)
A5 Bad Girl
A6 Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues
B1 So Glad You Chose Me
B2 I Wish I Liked You (As Much As I Love You)
B3 I Miss You Baby (How I Miss You)
B4 Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
B5 You Got The Love I Love
Dirty Mind
Dirty Mind / Prince / Warner Bros / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Dirty Mind
A2 When You Were Mine
A3 Do It All Night
A4 Gotta Broken Heart Again
B1 Uptown
B2 Head
B3 Sister
B4 Partyup
Wonderful / Rick James / Reprise Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Wonderful
A2 Judy
A3 Loosey's Rap
A4 So Tight
A5 Sexual Luv Affair
B1 Love's Fire
B2 I Believe In U
B3 In The Girls' Room
B4 Hypnotize
B5 Sherry Baby
Soul Sounds Of The 60s
A1 Ike And Tina Turner - Dust My Broom
A2 The Tams - What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am
A3 Percy Mayfield - Rivers Invitation
A4 Betty Everett - Bye Bye Baby
A5 The Impressions - People Get Ready
A6 Lee Dorsey - Lover Of Love
A7 Ike And Tina Turner - Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
A8 The Impressions - You've Been Cheatin'
B1 The Impressions - It's All Right
B2 Ike And Tina Turner - I'm Hooked
B3 Betty Everett - In Your Arms
B4 Douglas Gibson With The Sweet & The Sours - I Won't Leave
B5 The Tams - Concrete Jungle
B6 Steve Alaimo - So Much Love
B7 The Impressions - Need To Belong
B8 Ike And Tina Turner - Anything You Wasn't Born With
Fire It Up
Fire It Up / Rick James / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Fire It Up
A2 Love Gun
A3 Lovin' You Is A Pleasure
A4 Love In The Night
B1 Come Into My Life
B2 Stormy Love
B3 When Love Is Gone
Disco Nights (Rock-Freak) / Boogie Oogie Oogie
A1 Disco Nights (Rock-Freak)
B1 Boogie Oogie Oogie
Sexy Cream
Sexy Cream / Slick / Fantasy / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Sexy Cream
B1 Put Your Pants On
Louisiana Man (Mono)
A1 Louisiana Man
A2 Going Down The Road
A3 So Lovely Baby
A4 I Never Had The Blues
A5 Sweet Thing (Tell Me That You Love Me)
A6 Make Me Realise
A7 We'll Do It Anyway
A8 (Our Own) Jole Blon
B1 Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou)
B2 Hey Mae
B3 Love Me To Pieces
B4 Look Around (Take A Look At Me)
B5 Never Love Again
B6 Mister Love
B7 Kaw-Liga
B8 Diggy Liggy Lo
Down To Love Town
Down To Love Town / The Originals / Motown / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Down To Love Town (Short Version)
B2 Down To Love Town (Long Version)
Controversy / Prince / Warner Bros. Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Controversy
A2 Sexuality
A3 Do Me, Baby
A4 Private Joy
A5 Ronnie, Talk To Russia
B1 Let's Work
B2 Annie Christian
B3 Jack U Off
Thriller / Michael Jackson / Epic / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Wanna Be Startin Somethin
A2 Baby Be Mine
A3 The Girl Is Mine
A4 Thriller
B1 Beat It
B2 Billie Jean
B3 Human Nature
B4 P.Y.T. ( Pretty Young Thing )
B5 The Lady In My Life
Reaching For The World
A1 Reaching For The World
A2 Where There's A Will - There's A Way
A3 After You Love Me, Why Do You Leave Me
A4 Sandman
B1 Hostage Part 1 & 2
B2 He Loves You And I Do Too
B3 Big Singing Star
B4 Stay Together
Prince / Prince / Warner Bros / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 I Wanna Be Your Lover
A2 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
A3 Sexy Dancer
A4 When We're Dancing Close And Slow
B1 With You
B2 Bambi
B3 Still Waiting
B4 I Feel For You
B5 It's Gonna Be Lonely
Baby, I'm Yours
Baby, I'm Yours / Barbara Lewis / Atlantic / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Baby, I'm Yours
A2 My Heart Went Do Da Dat
A3 Come Home
A4 Think A Little Sugar
A5 If You Love Her
A6 Stop That Girl
B1 Puppy Love
B2 Hello Stranger
B3 Someday We're Gonna Love Again
B4 Snap Your Fingers
B5 How Can I Say Goodbye
B6 Straighten Up Your Heart
I Get The Sweetest Feeling
A1 You Keep Me Hangin' On
A2 Once In A Lifetime
A3 Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
A4 People
A5 Don't Go To Strangers
A6 I Get The Sweetest Feeling
B1 You Brought About A Change In Me
B2 Nothing But Blue Skies
B3 A Woman Needs To Be Loved
B4 Growin' Tall
B5 Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy
Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
A1 Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
A2 The Greatest Love
A3 That Same Old Song
A4 Sunshine, Rainbow, Blue Sky, Brown-Eyed Girl
A5 Thank You For My Baby
A6 Whose Little Girl Are You
A7 All My Hard Times
B1 Concrete Jungles
B2 The Letter
B3 Shelter
B4 There's A Great Big Change In Me
B5 Trouble Maker
B6 Makin' Music
B7 Down In Boondocks
Saying Something
A1 Something You Got
A2 I Need You So
A3 Please Don't Hurt Me
A4 Cause We're In Love
A5 Don't Go
B1 Can't Let You Out Of My Sight
B2 I'm Satisfied
B3 Baby Take Me
B4 Never Had It So Good
B5 We Find Him Guilty
B6 The Real Thing
Atom Heart Mother (1st with Drip Loop)
Aa Father's Shout
Ab Breast Milky
Ac Mother Fore
Ad Funky Dung
Ae Mind Your Throats Please
Af Remergence
B1 If
B2 Summer '68
B3 Fat Old Sun
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
B4a Rise And Shine
B4b Sunny Side Up
B4c Morning Glory
Fan The Fire
A1 Fan The Fire
B1 For Your Precious Love
Bad / Michael Jackson / Epic / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Bad
A2 The Way You Make Me Feel
A3 Speed Demon
A4 Liberian Girl
A5 Just Good Friends
B1 Another Part Of Me
B2 Man In The Mirror
B3 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
B4 Dirty Diana
B5 Smooth Criminal
Yesterday's Dreams
Yesterday's Dreams / Four Tops / Tamla Motown / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Yesterday's Dreams
A2 Can't Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind
A3 I'm In A Different World
A4 We've Got A Strong Love (On Our Side)
A5 By The Time I Get To Phoenix
A6 Remember When
B1 Sunny
B2 Never My Love
B3 Daydream Believer
B4 Once Upon A Time
B5 The Sweetheart Tree
B6 A Place In The Sun
Sophisticated Soul
A1 My Baby Must Be A Magician
A2 Destination: Anywhere
A3 I'm Gonna Hold On As Long As I Can
A4 Here I Am Baby
A5 You're The One For Me Bobby
A6 Reachin' For Something I Can't Have
B1 Your Love Can Save Me
B2 Your The One
B3 Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit
B4 What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One
B5 The Stranger
B6 Someway, Somehow
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
A1 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
B1 I Got The Love
Mose Alive!
Mose Alive! / Mose Allison / Atlantic / Vinyl LP / Used
Chapel Of Love
Chapel Of Love / The Dixie Cups / Red Bird / Vinyl LP / Used
Best Of The Troggs
Best Of The Troggs / The Troggs / Page One / Vinyl LP / Used

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