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Am i the Same Girl - Direct response
A1 Charmaine Burnette - (Am I The) Same Girl
B1 Session In Session - Direct Response (Inst)
Cal Tjader - Mamblues / Cal Tjader & Bernard Purdie - Mamblues
A1 Cal Tjader - Mamblues
B1 Cal Tjader & Bernard Purdie - Mamblues
California Funk
California Soul / Wade in the Water
A1 California Soul
B1 Wade in the Water
Dark Is The Sun
A1 Time Piece 1 (Harpsichord Bugalu)
A2 Dark Is The Sun Part 1 (Main Theme)
A3 Dark Is The Sun Part 2 (Interlude)
A4 Hello Old Friend
A5 Dark Is The Sun Part 3 (Reprise)
B1 Dark Is The Sun Part 4 (Harpsichord Waltz)
B2 Yeah You Are
B3 Uncle Bessie
B4 Bright Is The Sun
B5 Time Pice 2 (Epilogue)
Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter / Save me
A1 Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter
B1 Save me
Hercules / Gossip
A Aaron Neville - Hercules
B Cyril Neville - Gossip
Jazzman Slipmats (PAIR) Maroon and Gold 2013

These super soft slipmats are manufactured in the USA. Made of superior felt using polyester & cotton fibres, they each weigh approx. 50g and are 2mm thick, soft and flexible.

Jukebox Mambo (Rumba & Afro-Latin Accented Rhythm & Blues 1949-1960) 2x12"
1 Joe Lutcher - Ojai
2 Mabel Scott - Fool Burro
3 Red Callender Sextet - Eee Ooo Voodoo
4 Percy Mayfield - Louisiana
5 Larry Dale - Down To The Bottom
6 Dave Bartholomew - Shrimp & Gumbo
7 Danny Cobb - My Isabella
8 Marvin Phillips - Salty Dog
9 Fay Simmons - Big Joe Mambo
10 Gerald Wilson - Mambo Mexicana
11 Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer
12 Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos - Los Chucos Suaves
13 Sultans - Boppin' With The Mambo
14 Alfredito & His Orchestra - Honeydripper Mambo
15 Annisteen Allen - Take A Chance On Me
16 Gloria Irving - I Need A Man
17 Billy 'Red' Love - A Dream
18 Faye Adams - The Hammer Keeps A Knockin'
19 Elena Madera - Pu-Chun-Ga (Sweet One)
20 Cozy Cole - Cozy And Bossa
21 Camille Howard - Shrinking Up Fast
22 Joe Loco - Why Don't You Do Right
Jukebox Mambo Volume 2 - 2x12"
A1 Lincoln Chase - I Love Your Many Ways
A2 Christine Chatman & Peppy Prince Orch - Run Gal Run
A3 Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames - I Come From Jamaica
A4 Zilla Mayes - Calypso Blues
A5 Johnny Oliver - All I Have Is You
B1 Chuck Edwards & The Joe Scott Singers - Morning Train
B2 Oscar Saldana - Mambo Hop
B3 Jimmy Nolen - Jimmy's Jive
B4 The Four Blazes - All Night Long
B5 The Chanters - She Wants To Mambo
B6 Jeanne Demetz & Johnny Alston Orchestra - Calypso Daddy
C1 Camille Howard - Within This Heart Of Mine
C2 Ashton Savoy - Denga Denga
C3 Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra - Later Gator
C4 Note & Toe And The Grenadiers - I Got A Cold - Calypso
C5 John McKinney & The Premiers - Gee, I Love You
D1 T-Bone Walker - Plain Old Down Home Blues
D2 Ron Rico (2) With Sax Kari & Orchestra - Chano
D3 Don Tosti Y Su Conjunto - Mambo Del Pachuco
D4 Billy Emerson - Satisfied
D5 Frank
D6 Red Saunders & His Orchestra - Summertime
Jumping Beans / Four Samba Electronico
A1 Jumping Beans
B1 Four Samba Electronico
Last night changed it all / Hit and Run Lover
A1 Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All
B1 Tommie Young - Hit And Run Lover
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro
1 Time Has Come
2 Yellow Soul Force (Parts II & Parts III)
3 The Changes
4 The Bunch
5 Interlude
6 Baggy Pants
7 Don't Touch, Just Watch Me!
8 D.F.T.
9 Interlude
10 Big Pig Affair
11 Blues Of The Kilimanjaro
12 Blues Of The Kilimanjaro
13 Eastwood Magic City
14 Why Am I Standing Here?
15 Immigrant Song
16 Theme From Blackbirds
Sometimes i feel like a motherless Child / Quantic remix
A1 Sometimes i feel like a motherless Child
B1 Quantic remix
Soulful Procalamation
1 Soulful Proclamation
2 Frequency Response
3 Ain't No Mountain (High Enough)
4 He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)
5 Twenty Four Hours A Day
6 If I'd A Club
7 Eleanor Rigby
8 Rebecca
9 Just Can't Run Away
10 Rejoice
The Naked Truth
 W.E.L.F.A.R.E. / Why Can't I Have You
A1 W.E.L.F.A.R.E.
B1 Why Can't I Have You
A New Life 2x12"
A1 Joy - Martini Sweet
A2 Nottingham Jazz Orchestra - Sixes And Severns
A3 Billy Jenkins With Voice Of God Collective - High Street/Saturday
B1 London Jazz Four With Sydenham School - Death Is Near
B2 Graham Collier Music - Darius I
B3 Spot The Zebra - The Living Planet (Excerpt)
C1 Quincicasm - Trent Park Song
C2 Poliphony - Cameo
C3 Lori Vambe - Drumsong (One)
D1 Frank Evans - The Bistro Kid
D2 Edge - Danielle And The Holly Tree
D3 Indiana Highway - We Three Kings
D4 Walsall Youth Jazz Orchestra - The Dragon
Dance Man
Dance Man / Keisa Brown, Liz Spraggins / Jazzman / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Keisa Brown - Dance Man
B1 Liz Spraggins - Dance Man
Don't Happen No More
A1 I Smell A Rat
A2 Lonesome Desert
A3 Oochie Coochie
A4 Don't Happen No More
A5 Mary Lou (Modern)
A6 Lula Belle
A7 Hit, Git And Split
B1 Big Chief (King Of Love)
B2 The Wrong Door
B3 Teacher Gimmie Back
B4 Brown Eyes (Come On Home)
B5 You Were Meant To Me
B6 Make Me Feel A Little Good
B7 Mary Lou (Mercury)
Egyptian Shumba
Egyptian Shumba / The Tammys / Jazzman / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Egyptian Shumba
B1 Egyptian Shumba (Alt.)
Follow Me To The Popcorn: The Untold History Of The Belgium Popcorn Scene 2x12"
A1 Little Jimmy Ray - You Need To Fall In Love
A2 Dolly Lyon - Palm Of Your Hand
A3 Plas Johnson - Downstairs
A4 Sam Fletcher - Think It Over
A5 Lilian Vines I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night
A6 Haywood Henry Buck De Hoodle
B1 The Page Boys - Barricuda
B2 Shorty Long - Burnt Toast & Black Coffee
B3 Johnny Guitar Watson - Wait A Minute
B4 JJ Jones - Harlem Nocturne
B5 Al Brown - Sweet Little Love
B6 Barbara Simpson - Waiting For My Baby Baby
C1 Harvey - Any Way You Wanta
C2 Bellino - Boss Bossa Nova
C3 Ki Ki Page - Big Boy
C4 Linda Willoby - Big Boy You're Through
C5 Bobby Hendricks - I Want That
C6 Dinah Shore - Scene Of The Crime
D1 Earl Grant - Fever
D2 Gloria Grey - It's A Sweet World
D3 George Barnes - Spooky
D4 Dav Kipp - Yea! My Baby Loves Me
D5 Dimples Jackson - Love Came Tumbling Down
D6 Monty* & The Cyclones - Summertime
France Gall - Zozoi / IRP-3 - Tema De Soninha
A1 France Gall - Zozoi
B1 IRP-3 - Tema De Soninha
Jody's Freeze / Let's Go (It's Summertime)
A1 Jody's Freeze
B1 Let's Go (It's Summertime)
Jukebox Jam - Blues And Rhythm Revue 2x12"
A1 Rose Mitchell - Baby Please Don't Go
A2 Mr. Sad Head - Hot Weather Blues
A3 Big Maybelle - I've Got A Feelin'
A4 Bunker Hill - You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby
A5 Jay Swan - You Don't Love Me
B1 Jack Tucker - Crazy Do
B2 Little Arthur Matthews - Whale On You
B3 Etta James - Nobody Loves You Like Me
B4 Ervin Rucker - Baby You Were Meant For Me
B5 Frances Burr - I Say No, No More
C1 Mike Robinson - Lula
C2 Big Tiny Kennedy - Country Boy
C3 Little Esther - Hound Dog
C4 Roy Brown - Mr. Hound Dog's In Town
C5 Otis Blackwell - Let The Daddy Hold You
C6 Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoy's
D1 Marga Benitez - Geechie Goomie
D2 Vernon Dilworth - Shorty
D3 Terry Timmons - Got Nobody To Love
D4 Jeannie Barnes - Can't Get You Off My Mind
D5 Arthur Griswold - Pretty Mama Blues
D6 Ben Harper - I Can't Takit No Longer
Lemuria - Hunk Of Heaven / Terea - Pretty Bird
A1 Lemuria - Hunk Of Heaven
B1 Terea - Pretty Bird
Lost Treasure From 1974: A 24K Nugget Of Previously Unreleased Psychedelic Soul
A1 What About The Child
A2 If You Can Dance
A3 Ain't That Funky Enough
A4 Plastic Lady
A5 People Will Be People
B1 Gimme Some Love
B2 You Are So Wonderful
B3 Without You
B4 Now I Know
B5 What About The Child (Instrumental)
Plop-Plop Boom / Jungle Fantasy
A1 Plop-Plop Boom
B1 Jungle Fantasy
Pow Wow / Chicken And Booze
A1 Pow Wow
B1 Chicken And Booze
Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness 3x7"
A1 I Who Have Nothing
B1 Lonliness
C1 Gonna Get Your Love
D1 Push And Pull
E1 Your Eyes
F1 My Baby's Hand
Sounds Of The City Experience
A1 Gettin' Down
A2 Through No Fault Of Our Own
A3 It's So Wonderful Baby/Gina
A4 Come On And Stay With Me
A5 Stuff N' Thing
B1 Keep On Keepin' On
B2 Babylon
B3 Reality
B4 Judgement Day
B5 My People
Spiritual Jazz 5 - Esoteric, Modal And Deep Jazz From Around The World 1961-79
1 Charlie Munro Quartet - Islamic Suite
10 London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Destroy The Nihilist Picnic
11 Ahmadu Jarr - Kathung Gbeng
12 Braz Gonsalves 7 - Raga Rock
13 Fitz Gore - Gisela (Lion Rock)
14 Eric Nomvete's Big Five - Pondo Blues
15 Paul Winter Sextet - Winters Song
16 Tete Mbambisa - Trane Ride
17 Aquila - Um Allah
2 Louiz Banks - Song For My Lady
3 Oladepo Ogomodede - Take Five
4 Jazz Work Shop - Mezare Israel
5 Jazz Semai - Koy Yolu
6 Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Vicky
7 Chivo Borraro - Half And Half
8 Hideo Shiraki - Fiesta
9 Virgilio Armas Y Su Cuarteto - Sobre El Orinoco
Spiritual Jazz Volume 6 Vocals 2x12"
A1 Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite - Tears For Johannesburg (edit)
A2 Charles Mingus - Moves
A3 Sadaka - African Violet
A4 Norman Riley - Colors
A5 E.W. Wainwright - Imani
B1 Clifford Jordan Quartet - John Coltrane
B2 Pharoah Sanders - Prince Of Peace
B3 Singers And Musicians Of Washington High School Los Angeles, California - The Ladder
C1 Dr. Haki R. Madhubuti - Rain Forest
C2 Eddie Gale - African Sunshine
C3 Gary Bartz NTU Troop - Celestial Blues
D1 Byron Morris And Unity - Reunion (Edit)
D2 Byron Morris And Unity - Sunshower
D3 Vibration Society - Spirits Up Above
That's What Friends Are For
A1 Madeline Bell - That's What Friends Are For (Vocal)
B1 Alan Parker - That's What Friends Are For (Instrumental)
That's Why
That's Why / That's Why / Jazzman / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Children Of The Future Age
A2 Vem Kan Sägla
A3 Tiden
A4 Mattheus 25
A5 Den Oppstadne
B1 Dyp Av Nade
B2 Udoyeleg
B3 Gud Skylden Er Vår Alene
B4 Noe Annet
B5 Kristus Du Gjør Allting Nytt
The Archives - 2x12"
The Archives - 2x12" / Jef Gilson / Jazzman / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Bis Indicatif
A2 Chant Inca (Alt. 1)
A3 Equateur
A4 Lamento
A5 Choro In Blue
B1 Three Four One (Piano Solo)
B2 Ballet Lycra 1
B3 Ablution
B4 Anamorphose (Live)
B5 Three Four One
B6 Chant Inca (Alt. 2)
C1 Java Pou Raspail (Live)
C2 Agnus Dei (Instrumental)
C3 Requiem Pour Django
C4 Java
D1 Remember
D2 Le Grand Bidou
D3 La Cigale Et La Fourmi (Instrumental)
D4 Colchique Dans Les Prés
The Best Of Hilton Felton 1970-74
A1 Bee Bop Boogie
A2 Spreading Fever
B1 Dream Come True
B2 Your Analysis
B3 Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need
The Best Of Jef Gilson 2x12"
A1 Jef Gilson Big Band - Up To The Light
A2 Jef Gilson - Accueil
A3 Jef Gilson Big Band - Valse Pour Helene
A4 Jef Gilson - Blue-Bizz
A5 Jef Gilson Sextette - Valse A Quatre Temps (Jazz A Trois Temps)
A6 Jef Gilson Orchestre Et Choeurs - Agnus Dei
B1 Jef Gilson Big Band - Modalite Pour Mimi
B2 Jef Gilson - Three Four One
B3 Jef Gilson - Chakan - Movement 1
B4 Jef Gilson Jazztet - Jazz A La Quarte
B5 Jef Gilson - Un Pas, Deux Pas, Cent Pas
B6 Jef Gilson - Valerie's Waltz
C1 Jef Gilson Nonet Feat. Jean-Louis Chautemps - Suite Pour San Remo: Ouverture
C2 Jef Gilson - Strings For One
C3 Jef Gilson Nonet Feat. Jean-Louis Chautemps - Suite Pour San Remo: Adriano
C4 Philly Joe Jones* With Jef Gilson & His Ensemble - Espagnolade
D1 Jef Gilson & Malagasy - Chant Inca
D2 Jef Gilson & Malagasy - Hommage A Rakotozafy
D3 Jef Gilson & Malagasy - The Creator Has A Master Plan
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' / Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
A1 Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
B1 Muguette - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
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