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The Complete Picture: The Very Best of Deborah Harry & Blondie
Ultravox The Collection
A1 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
A2 Hymn (The Power And The Glory)
A3 The Thin Wall
A4 The Voice
A5 Vienna
A6 Passing Strangers
A7 Sleepwalk
B1 Reap The Wild Wind
B2 All Stood Still
B3 Visions In Blue
B4 We Came To Dance
B5 One Small Day
B6 Love's Great Adventure
B7 Lament
All Stood Still
All Stood Still / Ultravox / Chrysalis / Vinyl 12" / Used
A All Stood Still
B1 Alles Klar
B2 Keep Torqe-ing
Autoamerican / Blondie / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Europa
A2 Live It Up
A3 Here's Looking At You
A4 The Tide Is High
A5 Angels On The Balcony
A6 Go Through It
B1 Do The Dark
B2 Rapture
B3 Faces
B4 T-Birds
B5 Walk Like Me
B6 Follow Me
Backfired / Military Rap
A1 Backfired - Extended version
B1 Military Rap
Border Wave
Border Wave / Sir Douglas Quintet / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Who'll Be The Next In Line
A2 It Was Fun While It Lasted
A3 Down On The Border
A4 I Keep Wishing For You
A5 Revolutionary Ways
B1 Old Habits, Die Hard
B2 You're Gonna Miss Me
B3 Sheila Tequila
B4 Tonite, Tonite
B5 Border Wave
Capture The Heart
Capture The Heart / Runrig / Chrysalis / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Stepping Down The Glory Road
A2 Harvest Moon
B1 Satellite Flood
B2 The Apple Came Down
Capture The Heart E.P. 10"
A1 Stepping Down The Glory Road
A2 Satellite Flood
B1 Harvest Moon
B2 The Apple Came Down
Couldn't Get It Right / Hot 'N' Ready
A1 Couldn't Get It Right
B1 Hot 'N' Ready
In Love With Love
In Love With Love / Debbie Harry / Chrysalis / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 In Love With Love (Extended Version)
B1 Feel The Spin
B2 French Kissin' In The USA (French Version)
Live In Europe
Live In Europe / Leo Kottke / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
No Place To Run
No Place To Run / UFO / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Alpha Centauri
A2 Lettin' Go
A3 Mystery Train
A4 This Fire Burns Tonight
A5 Gone In The Night
B1 Youngblood
B2 No Place To Run
B3 Take It Or Leave It
B4 Money, Money
B5 Anyday
Parade / Spandau Ballet / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
Quartet / Ultravox / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Reap The Wild Wind
A2 Serenade
A3 Mine For Life
A4 Hymn
B1 Visions In Blue
B2 When The Scream Subsides
B3 We Came To Dance
B4 Cut And Run
B5 The Song (We Go)
Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon / Judie Tzuke / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
The Singles Collection
A1 Gold
A2 Lifeline
A3 Round And Round
A4 Only When You Leave
A5 Instinction
A6 Highly Strung
A7 True
B1 Communication
B2 I'll Fly For You
B3 To Cut A Long Story Short
B4 Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
B5 She Loved Like Diamond
B6 Paint Me Down
B7 The Freeze
B8 Musclebound
Thinking Of You
Thinking Of You / The Colour Field / Chrysalis / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Thinking Of You
A2 Thinking Of You (Singalong Version)
B1 My Wild Flame (Extended Version)
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