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Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus
Kodoja - Terror Mountain Showdown (Includes Free 7")
1 Terror Mountain Showdown
2 Initial Confrontation
3 Standoff
4 The Military's Kiss
5 Rise From The Sea
6 Fight Among The Skyscrapers
7 Three Minutes To Evacuate
8 Night Over The Harbor
9 Battle In The Sky
10 Descending Upon The Monsters
11 Epilogue Of Chaos
Free 7 Inch
A1 The Viper
B1 Blackout
B2 kodoja Vs Dragon Demon
Jimmy Ruckus And The Five Fingers Of Death
A1 The Technique Know As The Five Fingers Of Death (Dialogue) / Theme To The Five Fingers Of Death
A2 17 Thoroughly Whipped Asses
A3 Crime Syndicate Strike / An Important Situation (Dialogue)
A4 Return To Sandakan No.8
A5 Slow Mo Through Plate Glass Window
A6 Incident At Shizuoka / An Example Made (Dialogue)
A7 Hanging With Roscoe
A8 Drinks At The Pink Salon / Soul Dynamite (Dialogue)
B1 JR Richard
B2 The Money Drop / Something Not On The Menu (Dialogue)
B3 Ruckus Vs Flying Guillotine
B4 The 258th Style Mastered / Mr. Bob Harris (Dialogue)
B5 Ninja Brotherhood
B6 Blurple Dancefloor / It Don't Rain On Me (Dialogue)
B7 Under Cloak Of Night
B8 Quarter-Speed Technique / Two Types Of Things In This World (Dialogue)
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