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Chapter 7, Verse 3
A1 Take'N'Over (Dirty)
A2 Take'N'Over (Clean)
A3 Take'N'Over (Instrumental)
B1 Moneygrip (Knackered)
B2 Moneygrip (Government Issue)
B3 Moneygrip (Sans Vox)
Chapter Seven 2x12"
A1 Get Right
A2 Out The Bunker
A3 Dreams
B1 Headtrip
B2 Managerie
B3 Mflue
C1 It's A Rap
C2 To Die For
C3 The Professional
C4 Money Grip
D1 It's Evident
D2 Take 'N' Over
D3 Fifteen Min.
Chapter Seven Verse Two
A1 Out The Bunker
A2 Out The Bunker (Instrumental)
A3 What Dreams Are Made Of (Bonus)
B1 You Know The Name
B2 You Know The Name (Instrumental)
B3 Joe Mama (Bonus Bonus) (Instrumental)
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