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Down In The Valley 4
A1 Frozen Sun - Electric Soul (edit)
A2 Ezra - Pax 72
A3 Stars And Stripes- Listen
A4 GIN - Pseudo Funk
A5 The Outer Edge - Pushin
B1 Grainger Hunt - Noah
B2 The Bossmen - Watch My Baby Do It
B3 Soul Intentions - Away With Me
B4 Sound Inc. - My World Can Be Yours
B5 Forum - Who Needs You
B6 Morning Reign - A Little Bit Of Your Love
B7 Rocky Barra & The Castle - Keep On Walking
Panorama - Nu Europa Phusion 2x12"
A1 Innocent Sorcerers - Gold
A2 Klasick - Happy Dayz
A3 Rough & Ready - It's Just A Joke
B1 Easy Life Natural - Sheebeedee
B2 Electric Brother - Tinkle Bells
B3 The Second Whorl - Drop The Bomb (Zka4t Ft. DJ Tall Remix)
C1 Onbeyond - Soul Oriental
C2 Daniel Golem - Brain Rythm
C3 Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin' Down To Rio
D1 Yannah - Bagdance
D2 Painkiller Septet - Free Climbing
D3 Sun Ra - Sunset On River Nile (Eddy + Dus Kontrapunkt Remix)
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