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Horns Of Freedom
A1 Gaia's Revenge
A2 Afrocat
A3 Criminality
A4 Pinprick
A5 Project 31
B1 The Wave
B2 Too Big
B3 Horns Of Freedom
The Road / AK47
A1 The Road
B1 AK47
The Soviet Tape Vol. 1
A1 The Soviet Tape (Intro)
A2 Moscow Nightlife
A3 You Know
A4 Liberation March (Skit)
A5 Vendetta
A6 Imperialist Monsters
A7 Tbilisi Sunset (Skit)
A8 All Equal
B1 From Lithuania With Love
B2 The Spy
B3 Moldavian Fall (Skit)
B4 Glorious Times
B5 Youth Brigade
B6 Lost In Tyumen
B7 Birds In Love (Skit)
B8 Katerina
B9 Outro
Travel Light
A1 The Story So Far...
A2 All On You
A3 360º
B1 Slow Down
B2 Hoodman2Manhood
B3 Kintsugi
C1 The Heart Beat
C2 Fear Of A Flat Planet
C3 Hard Work
C4 Sling Shot Riddim
D1 Respect Mine
D2 Daddy's Car
D3 Vibrations (Divine Signature)
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