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The Young Americans
A1 Sheep On Drugs - Cathode Ray
A2 Nine Inch Nails - Gave Up
A3 David Arnold - Opening Titles
A4 Stereo MC's - Don't Let Up
A5 David Arnold - Explosion
A6 Sheep On Drugs - Uberman
A7 David Arnold - He's Watching Me
B1 The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury
B2 David Arnold - Christian's Requiem
B3 Keith LeBlanc & Tim Simenon - Stop The Confusion (Music Mix)
B4 Sheep On Drugs - 15 Minutes Of Fame
B5 David Arnold - Leaving London
B6 Björk & David Arnold - Play Dead
Baby³ / Voom:Voom / Compost Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Baby³ (Version 1)
B Baby³ (Version 2)
Monday Morning / Boarding School
A Monday Morning
B Boarding School
Disco Wreck
Disco Wreck / Don Cash / Relish Recordings / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Disco Wreck
A2 Disco Wreck (Headman Remix)
B1 Hey There
B2 Don't Crash (Dirty 30 Remix)
Tingle / That Petrol Emotion / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Tingle (Hard Boppin' Mix)
B1 Tingle (Hard Boppin' Instrumental)
B2 Tingle (Serious Bleep Vibe)
In The Realm Of The Senses
A In The Realm Of The Senses (Fantasy Mix)
AA1 In The Realm Of The Senses (Solaris Mix)
AA2 In The Realm Of The Senses (Sensi Mix)
Ease On By (Remix)
Ease On By (Remix) / Bass-O-Matic / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Ease On By (Dub Throb Mix)
A2 Rat Cut A Bottle (Electro Rat Mix)
B1 Zombie Mantra
B2 Soul Surrender
Dance / Nipple / Anodyne / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Dance (Original Mix)
B Dance (Superchumbo Titty Twisted Mix)
Spatia / Ukkonen / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Kerrokset
A2 Primed
A3 Tresgradus
B1 Spatia
B2 Cordiskator
Elements / Langer / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Entity
A2 Athena
B1 System
B2 Sensitive
Trashdub / Blackjob / Original Cultures / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Rise Again
A2 Rude
A3 Dudubfordu
B1 Rise Again (Sam Binga Remix)
B2 Rise Again (Danny Scrilla Remix)
B3 MMD (T-Woc Remix)
A Atzaro (Ibiza Mix)
B Atzaro (Berlin Mix)
Next To Nothing
A Next To Nothing
AA1 Next To Nothing (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)
AA2 Next To Nothing (Exercise One Remix)
Data Sapiens
Data Sapiens / Discemi / REKIDS / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Data Sapiens (Original)
B Data Sapiens (Radio Slave Remix)
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Tsedong?
A1 Torturing Lines
B1 Rumba Triste
B2 A Calor Por Manhatten
Pattern 4
Pattern 4 / Cyan 341 / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 10" / New
A Pattern 4 (Version 4.1)
B Pattern 4 (LJ Kruzer Mix)
My MTV / Noir / Not On Label / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 My MTV (Original Club Mix)
B1 My MTV (Public Domain ReMix)
B2 My MTV (Public Domain Dub ReMix)
Get Lost Sampler
A1 DJ Koze - Pattern_Wirtschaft
A2 Position Normal - Jimmy Had Jane
B1 Andy Couzenz - De Do Da Da
B2 Naum - Feln
Alcoolic / Popof / CR2 Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Alcoolic (Original Mix)
Straight At Yer Head - Act One
A1 Straight At Yer Head (An Instinct For Detection Mix)
A1 Straight At Yer Head (Remix)
B1 Packet Of Peace (Chemical Brothers Mix)
B2 Packet Of Peace (Jeff Mills Werk Mix)
Mi Casa
Mi Casa / Phil Weeks / Robsoul Revisions / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Mi Casa (Original Mix)
A2 Mi Casa (Hector Moralez's Invited Dub)
B1 Mi Casa (Paul Woolford's Casa Musica Remix)
B2 Mi Casa (Accapella)
Cast Yer Spell
A1 Cast Yer Spell (Original Mix)
A2 Cast Yer Spell (Vernon & DaCosta Mix)
B1 Stomp Yer Feet (Crazy Mix)
B2 Cast Yer Spell (Brooks Mix)
The Jack-O-Holics
A Dirty Talk
B1 Got Me Workin'
B2 What U Want (JT's Flashback Remix)
Dem Girls
Dem Girls / Mutiny / Underwater Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Dem Girls (Original)
B Dem Girls (Solid Groove Mix)
Who's Got The Flave Again / This Bassline
A Who's Got The Flave Again
B This Bassline
Unreleased Vol 6
Unreleased Vol 6 / Dirt Crew / Moodmusic / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Give Me House (Dirt Crew Original Dope Mix)
B1 Give Me House (Klaus Wunderbaum Acid House Is Not Dead You Son Of A Bit Revival Version)
Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket / Thugfucker / Music For Freaks / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Pocket Rocket
A2 Pocket Rocket (Accapella)
B1 Pocket Rocket (Joshua's Dub)
Cleaning Up The Ghetto Pt. Two
A Rok Da House
B Psycho
My Washing Machine
My Washing Machine / Sikk / Tiger Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A My Washing Machine (Original Mix)
B1 My Washing Machine (Bini & Martini Fu**ing Machine Mix)
B2 Remix – Bini & Martini
E.C.G.'ed / Mr G / REKIDS / Vinyl 12" / Used
A E.C.G'ed (Original)
B E.C.G'ed (REKID Remix)
Secret Base
Secret Base / Radio Slave / REKIDS / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Secret Base (Original)
B Secret Base (Rob Mello's No Ears Dub)
Where's The Fun (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
A Where's The Fun (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
#37 / Del Costa & Pedro Goya / Classic / Vinyl 12" / Used
A #37
AA1 #37 (No Assembly Firm Remix)
AA2 B Boys
From Da Masta's Vol 2
A1 Let Me Show Ya (Original Mix)
A2 Sound Of Eden (Original Mix)
B1 Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor)
B2 Higher State Of Rebel
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)
A Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Armands Acid Banger)
B Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Acid Banger Dub)
C Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Pound Boys Club Mix)
D1 Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Pound Boys Mid Tempo)
D2 Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Junkyard Dog Old Skool DJ Mix)
D3 Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Pound Boys Time Stretched A Cappella)
Mister Jetix
Mister Jetix / Flavio Diaz / Analytic Trail / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Mister Jetix
B1 Mister Jetix (Markantonio Remix)
B2 Vitamin R
Dirtbox / Dave Clarke / Skint / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Dirtbox (DJ Hell Mix)
B1 Dirtbox
B2 Way Of Life (Technasia House Mix)
Speak Easy
Speak Easy / Swayzak / K7 Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Speak Easy (Extended Version)
A2 Speak Easy (Harder Mix)
B2 Keep It Coming (Alter Ego Remix)
Never Be The Same (Remixes)
A Never Be The Same (Jesper Dahlbäck Remix)
B1 Never Be The Same (Jussi-Pekka Remix)
B2 Never Be The Same (Remix)
Bear Bounces Back (Too Sad To Bounce Mix)
A Bear Bounces Back (Too Sad To Bounce Mix)
Ride / Aswefall / Kill The DJ Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Ride (Chloé's Broken Leg Mix)
B1 Ride (Original)
B2 Ride (Der Schmeisser Lovelysplintermix)
Zone Day
Zone Day / The MFA / BPitch Control / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Disco 2 Break
A2 Rinse Time
B1 Overhang
Come With Me...
Come With Me... / Misstress Barbara / Iturnem / Vinyl 12" / Used
A I Love You
B Eleven O Seven
Tuning 01
A –Delon & Dalcan No Speak (Tekel Remix)
B –Hoel James Maurris Light (Dirt Crew Remix)
Lunatique EP
Lunatique EP / Nico Purman / Crosstown Rebels / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Lunatique
AA1 Calorhumano
AA2 Voodoo
Ghosts E.P
Ghosts E.P / Luke Solomon / Crosstown Rebels / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Long Time Darkly
B1 Search And Destroy
B2 Destroy Tool
Place, Race And Face
A1 Place, Race And Face (Youngsters Remix)
B1 Place, Race And Face (Agoria Remix)
A1 Friday (Lazy Vox)
A2 Friday (Lazy Dub)
B1 Friday (Trentemøller Mix)
No Fit State
No Fit State / Hot Chip / EMI / Vinyl 12" / Used
A No Fit State (Audion Remix)
Good As Gold
Good As Gold / Tiga / PIAS / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Good As Gold (Original)
B Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophonic Mix)
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