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Walking The Streets Remix
A1 Walking The Streets (Legowelt Remix)
B1 Walking The Streets (DMX Krew Remix)
Feature Breaks Volume 1
A1 Dub Pistols - Ganja (CMC&Silenta Feat. Paul Brenning Remix)
A2 CMC&Silenta - Summertime
B1 CMC&Silenta - Get It On Now
B2 CMC&Silenta - Is It True
Rewind! 6 2x12"
A1 Monophonics - Bang Bang
A2 Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - Apache
A3 Black Randy - Give It Up Or Turn It LooseBlack Randy Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
A4 Echocentrics - Party People
A5 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Hey Ya
B1 Johnny Frigo - Day Tripper
B2 Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - East
B3 Orgone - I Get Lifted
C1 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Rock Your Body
C2 Lions - Think (About It)
C3 Frankie Gee - Date With The Rain
C4 Brownout - Planet Caravan
D1 Electric Peanut Butter Company - Dreams
D2 James Combs - Happy Together
D3 Johnny Frigo - Spill The Wine
D4 Jed And Lucia - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
Parthenon / Plvs Vltra / Spectrum Spools / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Flowers To Bees
A2 The Level
A3 Sweet Tooth
A4 Yume
A5 Parthenon
B1 World In Words
B2 Fender Benderz
B3 Like Spice
B4 Sunkissed
B5 Birthday Party
B6 Closer
Physical World
Physical World / Bart Davenport / Lovemonk / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Wearing The Changes
A2 F#ck Fame
A3 Dust In The Circuits
A4 On Your Own Planet
A5 Girl Gotta Way
B1 Pamela
B2 Physical World
B3 Every Little Step
B4 Vow
B5 Loop In My Head
Errors Of The Human Body 2x12"
Quiltland (White Vinyl)
A1 Scene 1
A2 1 Second Sun 1 Hour Of Light
A3 A Billion Know
A4 Days
A5 A Second Theme
B1 Scene 2
B2 Il Vostro Paesaggio
B3 Motivation
B4 Extension Class
B5 Extension Class (1991 Remix)
Punica Fides 2x12"
Punica Fides 2x12" / Bottin / Bear Funk / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Lies
A2 Poison Within
A3 All For One
B1 Spacetime Syndrome
B2 Lust For Deception
C1 Dirty Continuum
C2 Plastic Forgery
D1 Flow Of Persuasion
D2 Lies (Reprise)
Animal Husbandry
A1 Fourth Reich
A2 Mainly Adult
A3 Permanent Skin
A4 Locate Yourself
B1 Whites (In General)
B2 Special Victim Units
B3 Line Between The Blue
B4 Lost At The Filth
Drift 2x12"
Drift 2x12" / Lasertom / Nang Records / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Drift
A2 Innerspaceman
B1 All The Time
B2 Maelstrom
C1 No Play
C2 Note To Self
C3 Surprise
D1 Call
D2 Norwegian Pine
Meet Me At Midnight
Meet Me At Midnight / Incarnations / Lovemonk / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Meet Me At Midnight (Ilya Santana Remix)
A2 Meet Me At Midnight (Ilya Santana Remix Instrumental)
A3 Meet Me At Midnight (Original)
B1 Make You Mine (Wareika Remix)
B2 Meet Me At Midnight (Rayko Remix)
Feature Breaks Volume 2
A1 Is It True (The Funk Hunters Remix)
A2 Is It True (The Captain Remix)
B1 Get It On Now (Basement Freaks Remix)
B2 Get It On Now (NineLives The Cat vs Rob Da Rhythm Remix)
MP3 Deviation #8
A1 MP3 Deviation #8
B1 MP3 Deviation #8
Lio En Rio
Lio En Rio / Linda Mirada / Lovemonk / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Secundario (Phenomenal Handclap Band Remix)
A2 Aire (Secret Circuit's Gone Tropic Mix)
B1 Dinamo (Daniel Kyo Remix)
B2 Lio En Rio (Sabore Bicoro Remix)
B3 La Costa (Simple Simmetry Remix)
GMF Remixed!
GMF Remixed! / GMF / Breakbeat Paradise / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Do (BadboE Remix)
A2 Do (Mr. Confuse Remix)
A3 Let The World Know (Zamali Ft. DJ Odilon Remix)
B1 Party All Night (The Breakbeat Junkie Remix)
B2 Party All Night (DJ Farside Remix)
B3 Your Thang (Kalumenos Remix)
Futurism Volume 2
A1 Bonar Bradberry Feat Steven Collazo - Stop And Look (Original Mix)
A2 Bonar Bradberry - This Way Up (Dead Rose Music Company)
B1 Damir K Rogina - Funk Devine (Original Mix)
B2 Damir K Rogina - Sandworm (Ajello Remix)
Oblivio Agitatum
Lea Lea
Lea Lea / Lea Lea / Wah Wah 45s / CD / New
1 Hopefully Pt.1
2 Good To See You
3 Long Forgotten Flowers
4 Minolta
5 A Love Like Mine
6 Gorgeous Georgina
7 This Place
8 This Vision
9 Il Sorpasso
10 Passing Birds
11 086
12 Move Like A Ghost
13 Sink Or Swim
14 God Doesn't Care Anymore
15 Hopefully Pt.2
Dubble Trubble
Unexpected Tapas
Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel
A1 Temporal Shift Reaction
A2 Llissa's Lament
A3 Subtractive Existence (Part 1)
A4 I Saw You Walking
B1 Glances Under Glass
B2 A Few More Hours
B3 It All Came Rushing Back
B4 Contempt (Part 2)
Mayville Dream
A1 The Many Roads Towards Mayville
A2 Institutes's Innards
A3 As High Above The Lightning
A4 Only Escape
B1 Closer To Tonawanda
B2 Nights Bats
B3 Dancing By Yourself
B4 A Late Realization
26000 / Angel / Editions Mego / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Before The Rush
A2 Dark Matter Leak
A3 In
B1 Out
B2 Paradigm Shift
Star Wash EP
Star Wash EP / Space Ranger / Lovemonk / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Herbal Cake
A2 Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown)
B1 Galactic Spice
B2 Phase Fever
2013 Remixes
2013 Remixes / Justin Velor / Brutal Music / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Flameout (Psychemagik Remix)
B1 Oscillations (Cherrystones Remix)
B2 Galliano Rocks (The Go! Team Remix)
A Brave Old World
A1 Backwards
B1 Inwards
Cheeky Boy EP
Cheeky Boy EP / Cheeky Boy / NO LABEL / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Hope Your Body
A2 Paging Dr. Peace
B1 Once In A Plastic Time
B2 Sedukted
Do What You Do - Mega Disc
A1 Do What You Do (Remix)
B1 5 Track Special Mega-Mix
B1a Come To Me (One Way Or Another)
B1b Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)
B1c Sweetest Sweetest
B1d Dynamite
B1e Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men
Funked Up And Freaked Out
A1 Beats For Cheats
A2 Funked Up And Freaked Out
A3 N.F.A.
B1 Beats For Cheats (Germander Speedwell Remix)
B2 Beats For Cheats (Zion Train Remix)
Al Khawarizmi
A1 Introduction: Baghdad in 780
A2 Al Khawarizmi
A3 Completing the Square
A4 Zero Is the Magic Number
A5 The House of Wisdom
B1 Kitab Surat Al-Ard
B2 Dance of the 5 Planets
B3 Astrolabe
B4 Al-Jabr
B5 Sun and Moon
Toast / Buttering Trio / Raw Tapes / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Mean To Me
A2 Ganja Man
A3 Falafel
A4 Tired Love
A5 27
A6 No Joke
B1 Roads
B2 Voyage
B3 Berliner
B4 Ibiza
B5 Dracula
B6 Oneness On Vinyl
Hardbeat+Bassline 2x12"
A1 Panic - Voices Of Energy
A2 Trak 1 - Motion
A3 Simon Mark - Say Aagh!
B1 Count Zero - Silent Prayer (Remix)
B2 Success - Tripwire Acid Base
B3 DJ Mink - Hey! Hey! Can U Relate?
C1 On A High - Hot
C2 Trak 1 - For This
C3 Zone - Eternal
D1 On A High - Hotter
D2 New Age Technology - New Age Technology
D3 1701 - Hallucinate
Full Circle (Within A Spiritual Social Soul)
Beat This - The Hits Of Rhythm King
They Rave Us
A1 Tempest
A2 They Rave Us
B1 Everything I Know In The Streets
B2 Bruva Gonna Take You There
Petals + Ashes (A Song For Emma Goldman)
A1 Petals And Ashes (Long Mix)
B1 Crocodile Tears (Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Méme Chose Mix)
MT70 EP / The Maghreban / Zoot Records / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 MT702
A2 MT703
B1 MT705
B2 MT707
Jazz Spectrum 2x12"
A1 Al Foster Band - Night Of The Wolf
A2 Sam Most - Jungle Fantasy
A3 Family Soul - Yolk
A4 Deacon Witherspoon - Mandingo
A5 Dee Felice Trio - Nightingale
A6 Birds Of Paradise - Bossa Blue Port
B1 Fabulous Preston Combo - Ooh Cha La La
B2 Earl Washington - Opus Three
B3 Fat Albert Orchestra - Cosbyianna
B4 Music Inc - Abscretions
B5 Atlanta All Stars - Dance Samba
C1 Delegates - Pigmy Part One
C2 Soul Society - The Sidewinder
C3 Lionel Hampton - A & T
C4 New Swing Sextet - My Favourite Things
C5 Yambu - Hippopotamus
D1 Ricardo Marrero - Babalonia
D2 Janet Lawson - Dindi
D3 Allen Toussaint - Tequila
D4 Bishop Norman Williams - Billy's Ballet
D5 Joe Bataan - Latin Strut
And The Feeling Goes Around
A1 The Beat Is The Bomb
A2 Shining Star
A3 Do You See What I See ?
A4 Moodness Of Cool
B1 Round And Round
B2 Is It Still Love ?
B3 Truth Is Plain
B4 Rain Fall Down
B5 A Kiss In Mid-July
Tongue Sandwich 2x12"
The Album 2x12"
The Album 2x12" / House Royale / Irma / Vinyl LP / Used
They Want To Be Free
A1 They Want To Be Free (Strauss In The House Mix)
A2 They Want To Be Free (Club Dub Of Strauss In The House Mix)
A3 They Want To Be Free (LP Version)
B1 They Want To Be Free (Smooth Dub)
B2 They Want To Be Free (The Julian "Jumpin'" Perez Mix)
Carboot Soul 2x12"
Act Like You Know
A1 Act Like You Know
A2 Now Or Never
A3 Act Like You Know (Instrumental)
B1 Act Like You Know (GE-OLOGY Mix)
B2 Act Like You Know (Rich Medina Mix)
B3 Act Like You Know (GE-OLOGY Instrumental)
B4 Act Like You Know (Rich Medina Instrumental)
Bungee Jump Against Racism / Partridge
A1 Bungee Jump Against Racism
AA1 Partridge
One Dollar Race / The Score
A One Dollar Race
B The Score (Theme From The Movie Innocent Sorcerers)
Remmajneztakrutluk EP 2
A1 Minolta (Rayko Remix)
B1 This Vision (Cottam Remix)
B2 This Vision (Golden Bug Rework)
Somewhere Beyond
A Somewhere Beyond (Main Mix)
AA Somewhere Beyond (Dollis House Mix)
Green Apple
Green Apple / The Maghreban / NONE / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Green Apple
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