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Electromagnetic Colours / Raw! / Come On
A1 Electromagnetic Colours
B1 Raw!
B2 Come On
A True American Hero
A True American Hero / Leo Young / Tummy Touch / Vinyl 12" / Used
A A True American Hero
B DJ Pimp And The Scarlet Women (12
Soulmate / Summerland / Naked Music Recordings / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Soulmate (Restless Soul Peaktime Vocal Mix)
A2 Soulmate (Swag Remix)
B1 Soulmate (Mig's Petalpusher Bump)
B2 Soulmate (Naked Music MAJ Original)
Wamdue Works 2x12"
Wamdue Works 2x12" / Wamdue Kids / Studio !K7 / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Right Now Baby
A2 You Never Give Up
B1 Curse
B2 It's Alright
C1 Elephant Man
C2 Memory
D Disaster
Phased / Santessa / Disco Volante / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Phased (Bobby Hughes Experience
B Just When I Needed You (Joe Clausell
Africans In Space
Africans In Space / Essa / Paper Recordings / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Africans In Space (Hot Tiles Mix)
B1 Africans In Space (Webster's Whirring Noggin Mix!)
B2 Africans In Space (Lightyears From Lauderedale)
Tingle / That Petrol Emotion / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Tingle (Hard Boppin' Mix)
B1 Tingle (Hard Boppin' Instrumental)
B2 Tingle (Serious Bleep Vibe)
Leaving This Planet
A Leaving This Planet (Yam Who's Outer Galaxy Mix)
B Leaving This Planet (Original Mix)
In The Realm Of The Senses
A In The Realm Of The Senses (Fantasy Mix)
AA1 In The Realm Of The Senses (Solaris Mix)
AA2 In The Realm Of The Senses (Sensi Mix)
Funky Love Vibrations
Funky Love Vibrations / Bass-O-Matic / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Funky Love Vibrations (Basso Racer Mix)
B1 Funky Love Vibrations (Concrete Mix)
B2 Attack Of The 50 Foot Drum Demon (Psycho Biker Mix)
Ease On By (Remix)
Ease On By (Remix) / Bass-O-Matic / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Ease On By (Dub Throb Mix)
A2 Rat Cut A Bottle (Electro Rat Mix)
B1 Zombie Mantra
B2 Soul Surrender
Song Of A City
A Song Of A City (Reset Mix)
B1 Song Of A City (Original)
B2 Song Of A City (Reset Dub)
Luv Me (Til It Hurts)
A1 Luv Me (Til It Hurts) (Linus Loves Remix)
A2 Luv Me (Til It Hurts) (Original Radio Mix)
B1 Luv Me (Til It Hurts) (RSL Remix)
B2 Luv Me (Til It Hurts) (RSL Instrumental)
Adriana / Saudosismo
A Adriana
B Saudosismo
Other Stuff 2.3
A Idjut Boys & A Man Called Adam - Slip Away
B1 Cujo & Superstars Of Rock - Apollo (Adam Goldstone Remix)
B2 Idjut Boys & A Man Called Adam - Slip Away (FX)
Density / Brazilica
Can't Stop / Eruption
A Can't Stop
B Eruption
Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You)
A1 Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Nu Yorican Mix)
A2 Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Sound FX)
A3 Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Chantapella)
B1 Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Smooth Out House Mix)
B2 Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Latin Soul Mix)
Never Gonna Stop The Show / Apollo
A General Midi - Never Gonna Stop The Show (Aut0b0ts 'Last Bus To
B Way Out West - Apollo (General Midi's Apollo 8 Mix)
Black Is Black (Ultimatum Mix)
A Black Is Black (Ultimatum Mix)
AA Straight Out The Jungle (Remixed By DJ Soul Shock)
This Is Love
This Is Love / Gary Numan / Numa / Vinyl 7" / Used
A This Is Love
B Survival
C Interview
Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2
A Jazzanova - Boom Klicky Boom Klack (That's What We Do)
B Outlines - A Matter Of Time
Rocker - Ego On Fire (Breaks Mix)
A Rocker - Ego On Fire (Breaks Mix)
Put Ya Hands Up
Put Ya Hands Up / DJ Pierre / DJP Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Put Ya Hands Up (Street Mix)
B Put Ya Hands Up (Club Mix)
The Future Sound Of New York 3x12"
A1 Head Rush - Underground (King Size Mix)
A2 Alex J - Journeyman (Alex's Groove Mix)
B1 Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Junior's Factory Mix)
B2 Project 4007 - It's Our Turn (DJ Duke's Funk Train Mix)
C1 Triboro Bitch - You Hear Me Girl (Sound Factory Mix)
C2 DJ Pierre - Don't Bring Me Down (But Let Me) (Original Wild Pitch Mix)
D1 E.G. Fullalove - Didn't I Know? (Divas To The Dancefloor ...Please) (Work Your Body Dub)
D2 Felix Da Housecat - Smack Dat Ass (Aphrohead Mix)
E1 Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Unreleased Original Mix)
E2 Phuture Scope - What Is House Muzik? (Wild Pitch Unreleased Mix)
F1 Ellis-D - I Wanna
F2 Brutal Acid - My Definition Of House
24→24 Music
A1 #1 (You're Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean)
A2 #5 (Go Bang!)
A3 #2 (No, Thank You)
A4 #7
B1 #3 (In The Corn Belt)
B2 #6 (Get Set)
RBM5 Recordbreakin' Music 5 Year Anniversary
1 Anthony Valadez - Vibrations
2 Kissey Asplund - Move Me
3 La Melodia - Working On It
4 Mndsgn - Ms. Taken
5 Spinnerty - Just Listen Pr. 1
6 Sir Froderick - Twiceashigh
7 Vicelounge - Dear Man
8 Joy Jones - This Too Shall Pass
9 Coultrain - Balancing Act
10 Lil' Dave - Chips And Salsa
11 Dotmatic - Look Around
12 DnS - GUM
13 M64 - Rhythm Of The Drum
14 I, Ced - Another Look U
15 Spinnerty - Time To Cut
16 Anthony Valadez - Go
17 Dotmatic - The City
18 Hot Peas And Butta - Northview Motel
19 Vicelounge - Don't Worry
20 Anthony Valadez - Bus Stop Lullaby
Trouble Hand
Trouble Hand / Biting Tongues / Factory / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Trouble Hand
B1 Panorama
B2 Meat Mask Separatist
B3 Boss Toyota Trouble
B4 Probate
Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (Remixes) 2x12"
A Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (Danny Tenaglia's New Generation Mix)
B Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (DT & RS Alternative Mix)
C Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (Danny Tenaglia's New Generation Dub)
D Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (DT & RS Alternative Dub)
Ghetto Funk Presents The Captain
A1 Club Band
A2 Kick That
B1 Bam!
B2 Class & Style
Dance / Nipple / Anodyne / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Dance (Original Mix)
B Dance (Superchumbo Titty Twisted Mix)
Paradise / Bob Sinclar / Yellow Productions / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Bob Sinclar - Intro
A2 Q-T Fingers - Get Into The Music
A3 Bob Sinclar - Disco 2000 Selector
B1 Thomas Bangalter vs Bob Sinclar - Gym Tonic (By Thomas Bangalter Vs Bob Sinclar))
B2 Bob Sinclar - New York City Music
C1 Bob Sinclar - Ultimate Funk
C2 Bob Sinclar - Vision Of Paradise
D1 Bob Sinclar Feat. Karl (The Voice) - The Ghetto
D2 Bob Sinclar - Mo Underground People
Crazy Mother EP Vol. 2
A Get On The Floor
B Took A Chance
Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
A Jacques Your Body (Club Mix)
B1 Jacques Your Body (Riffs & Rays Remix)
B2 Jacques Your Body (Full Intention Mix)
Energy Part 2
A1 House EFX
B1 Evolution Funk
Light Up My Love
A Light Up My Love (Full Vocal)
B1 Light Up My Love (Club Dub)
B2 Light Up My Love (Dub Instrumental)
C Light Up My Love (Funky Dub)
D Light Up My Love (Funky Dub Instrumental)
Remember Chicago (Swag Mixes)
A1 Remember Chicago (Swag's Basement Dub)
B1 Remember Chicago (Swag's Straight Out Of The Box Mix)
Take Control (DJ Leo & Guy Robin Remixes)
A Take Control (Vocal Mix)
B Take Control (Underground Mix)
Come Baby E.P.
A Come Baby
B1 Milk And Donuts
B2 Don't Stop
Brazilian Beats 3 and 4 (2xCD)
1 Ive Mendes - A Beira Mar (São Benitez Lush Mix)
2 Malena - Para Ti (Crianças Mix)
3 Bazeado - Maria (One Rascal Main Mix)
4 Trio Mocotó - Não Adianta
5 Jairzinho Oliveira - Disritmia
6 Seu Jorge - Chega No Suingue
7 Guem - Riacho
8 Candeia - Saudação A Toco Preto
9 Jackson Do Pandeiro - Sebastiana
10 Clube Do Balanco - Krioula
11 Paula Lima - É Isso Aí
12 Mr. Hermano - Como Um Sol (Brazilian Beat Mix)
13 Jairzinho Oliveira - Musica E
14 Otto - Bob (Edu K Mix)
1 Ivo Meirelles & Funk' N' Lata - Baile Funk Medley
2 Ive Mendes - Não Vou Fugir (DJ Marky And XRS Mainline Mix)
3 Infrared vs Gil Felix - Capoeira
4 Banda Black Rio - Magia (Faze Action Horny Mix)
5 Beatfanatic - Jogando Capoeira
6 Seu Jorge - Carolina
7 Clube Balanco - Paz E Arroz (Dona Nega Rubdown)
8 Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui
9 Gil Felix - Que Alegria (Sao Benitez Somdagente Mix)
10 Sonia Rosa & Yuji Ohno - Casa Forte
Ghetto Funk Presents Slynk
A1 We Came To Party
A2 My Sound
B1 Dancefloor Silly
B2 Old School
Blue Monday
A Blue Monday (Original Mix)
B Blue Monday (Dub Mix)
Scribble Soundsystem
1 Virus Kids
2 Stay Focused
3 Scribble Dub
4 Abstract Surf
Haunted By Colors
Haunted By Colors / Shadowbox / Pictures Music / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 A M
A2 D 60
A3 C O
B1 Let's Not
B2 Loveless Child
B3 Running Like A Ghost
Spatia / Ukkonen / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Kerrokset
A2 Primed
A3 Tresgradus
B1 Spatia
B2 Cordiskator
Elements / Langer / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Entity
A2 Athena
B1 System
B2 Sensitive
Benedict & Grace E.P.
A1 Benedict
A2 Grace
B1 Benedict (C.O.N.E. Remix)
B2 Grace (Trikk's Porto Remix)
Laser Tag / Dons Demo
A Laser Tag
B Dons Demo
This Is My Home
Required Listening 2
1 T-Ode Feat. Notes To Self
2 Sweet 16 Feat. Planet Asia
3 Jazz Music
4 Hurricane
5 Love's In Need
6 Mista President
7 Dime La Verdad
8 Like A Star
9 Creator
10 Starz
11 Signs
12 Day Job (Alister Johnson Remix)
13 Pou Ki Sa Dub Feat. Nik Myo
14 My Sword Hands Anger (Circle Research Remix)
15 Why Do The Wicked Ones Rule
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