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What New York Couples Fight About
A What New York Couples Fight About (Original)
B What New York Couples Fight About (Instrumental)
Pattern 4
Pattern 4 / Cyan 341 / Uncharted Audio / Vinyl 10" / New
A Pattern 4 (Version 4.1)
B Pattern 4 (LJ Kruzer Mix)
Slingshot Boogie
1 Sock It To Ya!
2 Slingshot Boogie
3 Super Jam
4 Top Brass
5 Blastin'
6 Rec
7 Twang
8 Get Busy
9 NY Funk
10 Call It
11 Watch Out
12 Watch Out (Malente Remix)
13 Rec (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
14 Super Jam (Flow Dynamics Remix)
Audio / Visual: Reworked Recycled And Remixed
1 Letter To A Newborn (Intro)
2 She Walked Away (Dj Limbs Re-Interpretation)
3 Revisited Vibrations (Slang Edit)
4 Homeless Hipster Theme (Mr. Sonny James PBR Remix)
5 Rewind Thase Two (The S Ence Remix)
6 Faith (Dotmatic Flunky Drummer Mix)
7 Faith (Sir Froderick Remix)
8 Dawn (Noam Remix)
9 Bus Stop Lullaby (Dotmatic's Winter Lullaby Remix)
10 Bus Stop Lullaby (Noam Remix)
11 Rewind Phase Two (Spinnerty Remix)
12 Deep Space (Spinnerty Remix)
13 Drips Of Sound (Lil' Dave Re-Work)
14 Alice (Destroyer's House Dub)
15 Letter To A Newborn (Vocal)
16 Interlude
17 Raindrop
18 Rising Love
Audio / Visual : Sounds Inspired by all Things Visual
1 Vibrations
2 Rewind Phase Two
3 Dawn
4 Aperture
5 Azucar
6 Drips of Sound
7 Alice
8 Fire Fly
9 Bus Stop Lullaby
10 She Walked Away
11 Auto Focused Bass Line
12 Ric Flair
13 Deep Space
14 Beat Up
15 Faith
16 Courier New
17 Death of Disco
18 Revisited Vobrations (outro)
Something On My Mind
A1 Something On My Mind (Full Vocal Mix)
A2 Something On My Mind (Something On My Dub)
B1 Something On My Mind (Antigua Mix)
B2 Something On My Mind (Managua Mix)
B3 Something On My Mind (Accapella)
My MTV / Noir / Not On Label / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 My MTV (Original Club Mix)
B1 My MTV (Public Domain ReMix)
B2 My MTV (Public Domain Dub ReMix)
Get Lost Sampler
A1 DJ Koze - Pattern_Wirtschaft
A2 Position Normal - Jimmy Had Jane
B1 Andy Couzenz - De Do Da Da
B2 Naum - Feln
Couldn't Love You More
A1 Couldn't Love You More (Original Club Mix)
A2 Couldn't Love You More (Fedde Le Grand's Big Room Mix)
B1 Couldn't Love You More (Shlomi Aber Remix)
B2 Couldn't Love You More (Koolwah Remix)
Alcoolic / Popof / CR2 Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Alcoolic (Original Mix)
Detritus / Doc Delay / Funk Weapons / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Detritus
A2 Laine
B1 Pity
B2 Reigny Daze
Bunker Buster / Doomsday Device
A1 Bunker Buster
B1 Doomsday Device
Remix EP 1
A1 Samba 2150 (Alex Phountzi Remix)
A2 Samba Da Ile (Waiwan 4/4 Remix)
AA Forro De Pe (Belladonna Remix)
Instinct: The Remixes Pt. 1
A Instinct (Original Mix)
AA Instinct (Dillinja Remix)
Hey Music Lover (1of3)
A Hey Music Lover (G-OO-D Vibration Mix)
B1 Have A Nice Day
B2 Hey Music Lover (Music Is My Life Mix)
Welk Shake / Got Some Baby Teeth
A Kelis vs. Dizzy Bull - Welk Shake
B Obie Trice vs. Dizzy Bull - Got Some Baby Teeth
Oh No ! Not Another Washing Machine / 80's Throwback 90's Comeback
A Oh No! Not Another Washing Machine (Freaks Live Redo)
AA 80's Throwback 90's Comeback
Mista D
Mista D / Ken Christensen & Thomas Sahs / Leg / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Mista D (Original Mix)
B Mista D (DJ Sneak vs. Mista D Mix)
Wanna Eve
Wanna Eve / Dandruff Truckers / Leg / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Wanna Eve
A1 Wanna Eve (Remix)
B Wanna Eve (Wanna Jizz Mix)
Other Woman
A Other Woman (Original)
B1 Other Woman (Yousef Circus Rework)
B2 Other Woman (Sugadaddies Remix)
Hip Therapist #2
A1 Caught Out
B1 Nasty Vox (Acapella)
B2 Hustle & Survive (David Duriez Ghetto Mix)
Classic Label Sampler Vol. 1
A1 Gemini - In My Head (Derrick L. Carter Remix)
B1 The Innocent - Jack 1
B2 The Magi - Luke's Surprise
Cat Attack
A1 Cat Attack (Original Mix)
A2 Cat Attack (Meow Mix)
B Cat Attack (Swag's Out The Bag' Dub)
Where We Go, You Don't Know
A1 Where We Go, You Don't Know
A2 Beast And Farmers
AA1 Califuria Uber Alles
Klub Connection
Klub Connection / Hazel / Robsoul Recordings / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Klub Connection (Original House Mix)
A2 Klub Connection (Original Hip Hop Mix)
B1 Klub Connection (Fries & Bridges vs Chris Carrier Mix)
B2 Klub Connection (Fries & Bridges vs Chris Carrier Dub)
Beatbox / Ben Mono / Compass Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Beatbox (Jesse Rose Remix)
A2 Beatbox
B1 Beatbox (Kalbata Remix)
B2 Beatbox (Jacob London Remix)
Experiments With Biasonics Vol.1
1 Day One Entry #17
2 Time
3 Day 6 Entry #12
4 Rogue Frequency
5 Cottonmouth
6 Bare Knuckle
7 Horror Zone
8 Smile Within
9 Day 7 Entry #19
10 Givin' It Up
11 Complicated
12 Day 8 Entry #21
13 Recognizable Forms
14 Experimentation
15 Motion
16 Day 14 Entry #34
17 Can You Go
18 Day 23 Entry #34
19 Secondary Power
20 Day 30 #72
Cast Yer Spell
A1 Cast Yer Spell (Original Mix)
A2 Cast Yer Spell (Vernon & DaCosta Mix)
B1 Stomp Yer Feet (Crazy Mix)
B2 Cast Yer Spell (Brooks Mix)
The Jack-O-Holics
A Dirty Talk
B1 Got Me Workin'
B2 What U Want (JT's Flashback Remix)
2 Cool 2 Dance
2 Cool 2 Dance / John Larner / Not On Label / Vinyl 12" / Used
A 2 Cool 2 Dance (Vocal Mix)
B 2 Cool 2 Dance (Dub)
Out & About EP
A Steppin' Up
B1 To The Beat
B2 Get Involved
Dem Girls
Dem Girls / Mutiny / Underwater Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Dem Girls (Original)
B Dem Girls (Solid Groove Mix)
Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone / TradeMarq / Bananza Music / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Leave Me Alone (Original Mix)
B1 Leave Me Alone (Cellar Door Mix)
B2 Leave Me Alone (Brett Johnson's Manic Bass Mix)
Whiskey Sour EP
A Blu Can Swing
B Kim Meets Tony In London
Requires Attention 2x12"
A1 Reject
A2 The Golem Of Bognor Regis
A3 The Man With The Transparent Face
B1 Mad Cow (Intensively Farmed Version)
B2 King Is A Killer
B3 Failed State
C1 Minibar
C2 Silicon Savage
C3 Chinese Water Torture
D1 Full English Fastbreak
D2 Luna
D3 For Each Other
Beserka 2x12"
Beserka 2x12" / Merka / Fat! Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A The Steam Room
B1 Champion Selection
B2 Wickabasketcase
C Something Like This
D1 Smugglers Cove
D2 Nation Project
D3 Our Secret
Who's Got The Flave Again / This Bassline
A Who's Got The Flave Again
B This Bassline
Lord Of Eldorand / Dirty Beaver
A Lord Of Eldorand
B Dirty Beaver
Cleaning Up The Ghetto Pt. Two
A Rok Da House
B Psycho
Break Down The Doors
A Break Down The Doors (Harry
B Break Down The Doors (Harry
Love Me Tender EP
Love Me Tender EP / U & I / Freak n' Chic / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Love Me Tender
B The Line
Shoes Of Jae (Bangin' Edit)
A Shoes Of Jae (Bangin' Edit)
E.C.G.'ed / Mr G / REKIDS / Vinyl 12" / Used
A E.C.G'ed (Original)
B E.C.G'ed (REKID Remix)
Where's The Fun (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
A Where's The Fun (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
I'm A Disco Dancer (Remixed 2005)
A I'm A Disco Dancer (John Tejada Remix)
B I'm A Disco Dancer (Misc. Mix)
Bad Acid (Album Sampler)
A1 Joshua - Rails
A2 Mr Barcode - The Rise Of The Machines
B1 Jimmy 19 - Beddy Byes
B2 Jacob - Acid By Numbers
I'll Never Leave
I'll Never Leave / Bumble B / Not On Label / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 I'll Never Leave
A2 Nobody Listens
B1 Too Much Gossip
B2 Who Stole The Club?
Bus Ride To The Zoo / Daylight
A Busride To The Zoo
B Daylight
Song For Maya - Red Vinyl
A Song For Maya (Extended 12 Inch Version)
Buggin Da Headphones / Keep House
A1 Buggin Da Headphones
A2 Buggin DJ Tool
B1 Keep House Underground
B2 Underground DJ Tool
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