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Shake Dat Ass
Shake Dat Ass / DJ Q / Not On Label / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Shake Dat Ass (Dirty)
A2 Shake Dat Ass (Clean)
B1 Bounce Wit Me Remix
B2 Mo More Remix
Are You F***ing Around
A1 Are You F***ing Around (Extended Club)
A2 Are You F***ing Around (Instrumental)
B1 Are You F***ing Around (LP Version)
B2 Are You F***ing Around (Acapella)
Jump / DJ LBR / AV8 / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Jump (Dirty)
A2 Jump (Inst)
B1 Jump (Clean)
B2 Jump (Dirty)
Electric Soul 2
A1 Beef Wellington - Dedication
A2 Kenn Starr, Asheru & Talib Kweli - If
A3 D'Nell - This Thing
B1 Incognito - Out Of The Storm (Carl Craig Mix)
B2 Next Evidence - Dance On (Mehdis Dub)
It's U / Set It Out
A1 It's U (Main)
A2 It's U (Instrumental)
B1 Set It Out (Main)
B2 Set It Out (Instrumental)
If U Stay Ready
If U Stay Ready / Suga Free / Island Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 If U Stay Ready (Clean Radio Edit)
A2 If U Stay Ready (LP Version)
A3 If U Stay Ready (TV Version)
B1 Fly Fo Life (LP Version)
B2 Tip Toe (LP Version)
B3 Tip Toe (Reprise)
It's Alright (Gang Starr Remix)
A1 It's Alright (Gang Starr Remix)
A2 It's Alright (Gang Starr Remix - No Rap)
B1 It's Alright (Remix Instrumental)
B2 It's Alright (Remix Acapella)
The R & B Sounds Of LeJice / Sounds For The Streets
A1 LeJice - Same Things
A2 LeJice - It's On Tonight
A3 LeJice - Ride With Me
A4 LeJice - Fire Place
B1 Low Life - Living In Sin
B2 Low Life - Not Going-To-Be-Long
B3 Low Life - N.C. Blowin Your Mind
B4 Low Life - What You Looking-At Nigger
De La Mixtape : Remixes, Rarities & Classics
A1 Stakes Is High (Remix)
A2 Oddles Of O´s
A3 Trouble In The Water
B1 Piles & Piles Of Demo Tapes BI-DA Miles (Conley´s Decision)
B2 I.C. Y´all
B3 Big Brother Beat
B4 More Than You Know
On A Mission / Plays Adventure
A1 On A Mission (Zulu King Remix)
A2 On A Mission (Shri Remix)
A3 On A Mission (Flore Remix)
B1 Plays Adventure (Album Version)
B2 Plays Adventure (In Eggland Remix)
B3 Plays Adventure (Rock The Cube Version)
Elixir / Vast Aire / Chocolate Industries / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Elixir (Hydro Mix)
A2 Elixir (Radio)
A3 Elixir (Vastrumental)
A4 Posse Slash (Hydro Mix)
B1 Candid Cam (Hydro Mix)
B2 Candid Cam (Radio)
B3 Candid Cam (Vastrumental)
B4 Posse Slash (Vastrumental)
Lost Your Mind / The Saga Continues
A1 Lost Your Mind (Album)
A2 Lost Your Mind (Clean)
A3 Lost Your Mind (Instrumental)
B1 The Saga Continues (Album)
B2 The Saga Continues (Instrumental)
Certified / Build
A1 Certified
A2 Certified (Instrumental)
A3 Certified (Radio Edit)
B1 Build
B2 Build (Instrumental)
B3 Build (Radio Edit)
dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop Vol. 1
A1 Keno 1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy (Instrumental)
A2 Beats In Progress - Trouble (Dirty)
B1 Ill Boogs - Gypsy Rock (Go-Off Re-Edit) (Instrumental)
B2 Boogaloo & Lotari vs. Smooth - Sweat Side (Dirty)
Funk Reaction / Ultraproteus
A1 Funk Reaction (Rondo Brothers Remix)
A2 Funk Reaction
A3 Funk Reaction (Instrumental)
B1 Ultraproteus (Nezbeat Remix)
B2 Ultraproteus
B3 Ultraproteus (Instrumental)
Chapter 7, Verse 3
A1 Take'N'Over (Dirty)
A2 Take'N'Over (Clean)
A3 Take'N'Over (Instrumental)
B1 Moneygrip (Knackered)
B2 Moneygrip (Government Issue)
B3 Moneygrip (Sans Vox)
Look Mom...No Hands 2x12"
A1 Look Mom...No Hands (Hydro Mix)
A2 Look Mom...No Hands (Clean)
A3 Look Mom...No Hands (T.V. Track)
AA1 Why'sdaskyblue? (Hydro Mix)
AA2 Why'sdaskyblue? (Clean)
AA3 Why'sdaskyblue? (Vastrumental)
If You Can't Say Love / Do Make Say
A1 If You Can't Say Love (Vocal)
A2 If You Can't Say Love (Instrumental)
A3 If You Can't Say Love (Acapella)
B1 Do Make Say Think (Vocal)
B2 Do Make Say Think (Instrumental)
B3 Do Make Say Think (Acapella)
The Best Damn Rap Show 2x12"
A1 The Best Damn Rap Show
A2 What Goes Up
A3 Taboo
B1 The Workover
B2 Friendly Fire
B3 Fighter Pilots
C1 Buck 50 Express
C2 Black Sunday
C3 Vintage
D1 Aire Maestro
D2 Buttafly Knife
D3 Off The Board
Let Eet Ought
Let Eet Ought / Hearin' Aid / Jugglin' / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Let Eet Ought
A2 Let Eet Ought (Instrumental)
B1 MC AmBush
B2 I Been Watchin' U
B3 Not 2 B
Going Crazy / You Don't Want It
A1 Going Crazy (Clean)
A2 Going Crazy (Dirty)
A3 You Don't Want It (Clean)
A4 You Don't Want It (Dirty)
B1 Going Crazy (Instrumental)
B2 You Don't Want It (Instrumental)
Science And Melody
Science And Melody / Bass-O-Matic / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Science And Melody (S & M Mix)
AA1 Science And Melody (Supersperm Mix)
AA2 Attack Of The 50 Foot Drum Demon (Vaporub Dub)
Cookshop Taster 2 EP
A1 Lost Idol - Green Dolphins
A2 Digital Midgets - That People
B1 La Femme - Never Complain
B2 Pimpernel Jones & JFB - Pompey Up
The Legacy
The Legacy / J. Rawls / Polar Entertainment / Vinyl LP / New
1 Alpha
2 My People
3 Bills
4 The Legacy
5 Pure Love
6 Rio
7 One Time
8 Southside
9 Mr. Cool
10 Nonstop
11 The Rest Of My Life
12 Omega
13 Bonus: Best Producer On The Mic II
Noise Of The B-Boy / Murder Scene Concerto
A1 Noise Of The B-Boy
B1 Murder Scene Concerto
RBM5 Recordbreakin' Music 5 Year Anniversary
1 Anthony Valadez - Vibrations
2 Kissey Asplund - Move Me
3 La Melodia - Working On It
4 Mndsgn - Ms. Taken
5 Spinnerty - Just Listen Pr. 1
6 Sir Froderick - Twiceashigh
7 Vicelounge - Dear Man
8 Joy Jones - This Too Shall Pass
9 Coultrain - Balancing Act
10 Lil' Dave - Chips And Salsa
11 Dotmatic - Look Around
12 DnS - GUM
13 M64 - Rhythm Of The Drum
14 I, Ced - Another Look U
15 Spinnerty - Time To Cut
16 Anthony Valadez - Go
17 Dotmatic - The City
18 Hot Peas And Butta - Northview Motel
19 Vicelounge - Don't Worry
20 Anthony Valadez - Bus Stop Lullaby
The Riff / B-Boy On The Loose
A1 Itsu Uno - The Riff
B1 Han Do Jin - B-Boy On The Loose
Jon B Greatest Hits Are U Still Down?
Arada / Brand New
A1 Arada
B1 Brand New World
B2 Brand New Instrumental
Laser Tag / Dons Demo
A Laser Tag
B Dons Demo
Kodoja - Terror Mountain Showdown (Includes Free 7")
1 Terror Mountain Showdown
2 Initial Confrontation
3 Standoff
4 The Military's Kiss
5 Rise From The Sea
6 Fight Among The Skyscrapers
7 Three Minutes To Evacuate
8 Night Over The Harbor
9 Battle In The Sky
10 Descending Upon The Monsters
11 Epilogue Of Chaos
Free 7 Inch
A1 The Viper
B1 Blackout
B2 kodoja Vs Dragon Demon
The Formula
The Formula / Beat Inc. / Original Cultures / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Intro
A2 Black Tea Morning (Edit)
A3 Primitive Fire
A4 Just Remember (Edit)
B1 Just Remember (Om Unit Remix)
B2 Black Tea Morning (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
B3 Black Tea Morning (Squeaky Lobster Refunk)
Battlescratch Galactica
A1 Scratch Wars
A2 Record Trekkas-Skit
A3 Dr Ska
B1 Battlescratch Galactica
B2 Spacetrip
B3 Space Bass
B4 Time To Move
Driven From Distraction
1 Keep Your Shirt ON
2 The Mist Lifts
3 Afro Love Forest
4 At The Dance
5 Got A Pulse
6 One Woman Army
7 Snake Patrol
8 Mutes & Drops
9 Muddles Morning
10 Scrawny's Beat
11 I, Silverfish
12 The Tremmuh
What New York Couples Fight About
A What New York Couples Fight About (Original)
B What New York Couples Fight About (Instrumental)
Vol.2 / Quiroga / Really Swing / Vinyl 10" / New
A1 Sessomatto
A2 Norma Desmond
A3 What A Motivation
A4 Feel This
B1 Visivi
B2 Worst Gov
B3 Crackin Martelli
B4 Touch Too Much
Audio / Visual : Sounds Inspired by all Things Visual
1 Vibrations
2 Rewind Phase Two
3 Dawn
4 Aperture
5 Azucar
6 Drips of Sound
7 Alice
8 Fire Fly
9 Bus Stop Lullaby
10 She Walked Away
11 Auto Focused Bass Line
12 Ric Flair
13 Deep Space
14 Beat Up
15 Faith
16 Courier New
17 Death of Disco
18 Revisited Vobrations (outro)
Untold Stories in Music The Compilation 5
1 Introduction
10 Attack of the Vibrarian 4
11 Caught in a Groove
12 Morning Star
13 Spirit of Summer feat. Mr Chien On Rhodes
14 Bubble feat. Mr Chien on Rhodes
15 Peace of Mind feat. Defty on Bass
16 Staardust Melody feat. Mr Chien on Rhodes
17 Zhoosh
18 Neptune
19 Spatial Art Groove
2 Raska
20 Sunshine
21 Le Grand feat. Mr Chien
22 Bionic Insanitude
3 The Pyjama Authority
4 Fly
5 Undercover Elephant
6 Snizz
7 Cosmic Free Fall
8 Gnip Gnop
9 Guidance
The Count In Cologne
A1 Countro
A2 Need To Know
A3 Fromthentonow
A4 Eye Contact
A5 Avocado
B1 Need To Know (Instrumental)
B2 Fromthentonow (Instrumental)
B3 Eye Contact (Instrumental)
B4 Avocado (Instrumental)
B5 Bumm Bumm Pardon (Bonus Beat)
Love Guide
Love Guide / Two Culture Clash / Wall Of Sound / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Love Guide
B Love Guide (Instrumental)
Experiments With Biasonics Vol.1
1 Day One Entry #17
2 Time
3 Day 6 Entry #12
4 Rogue Frequency
5 Cottonmouth
6 Bare Knuckle
7 Horror Zone
8 Smile Within
9 Day 7 Entry #19
10 Givin' It Up
11 Complicated
12 Day 8 Entry #21
13 Recognizable Forms
14 Experimentation
15 Motion
16 Day 14 Entry #34
17 Can You Go
18 Day 23 Entry #34
19 Secondary Power
20 Day 30 #72
HVW8 Presents: Music Is My Art 2x12"
A1 Black Spade - To Serve With Love
A2 Radio City - The Hop
A3 Owusu & Hannibal - Blue Jay
A4 Plant Life - Your Love
B1 John Arnold - Rise Up
B2 J Boogie - Higher
B3 Osunlade - Tambores Te Llaman
C1 Ohmega Watts - Long Ago
C2 Yam Who? - Wrap You Up
C3 DJ Language - Blue Miles
D1 Seiji - Bruqwah
D2 Kingsbread - It's Alright
D3 Rich Medina - Uptown
The Tao Of Yo
A1 Shine For Me
A2 The Secret Frequency
A3 More From Life
A4 Shape 4
A5 Noh Rio
A7 30 Spokes
B1 Unimportance
B2 No Pistolas
B3 Overcoming
B4 Words They Choose
B5 Shape I
B6 Perfect Traveller (Tourist Europe)
Hollertronix #4
A1 Diplo - Buy It Use It
A2 Diplo - Buy It Use It Version
A3 Bangers - Let's Get Control
B1 M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (Scotty B + King Tut Unruly Rmx)
B2 Missy Elliott - Bad Man (Diplo Remix)
B3 Madonna - Hanged Up (Mad Decent Remix)
The Rudest / Still Splendid
A The Rudest
B Still Splendid
Bigger Vat / Suurempi Sammio
A Bigger Vat / Suurempi Sammio
B Angular Scoop / Kulmikas Kuuppa
The Yellow EP
A Mellow Yellow
B1 Take Flight
B2 Parables Of A Miracle
People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm
A1 Push It Along
A2 Luck Of Lucien
A3 After Hours
A4 Footprints
A5 I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
B1 Bonita Applebum
B2 Can I Kick It?
B3 Youthful Expression
B4 Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)
B5 Mr. Muhammad
B6 Ham 'N' Eggs
Hollertronix #1.5
A1 Never Scared (Extended Mix)
B1 DB’s Sweet Dreams
B2 Newsflash (Dirty South Demo Version)
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