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Office Boy
Office Boy / Bonde Do Rolê / Domino / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Office Boy (CSS Remix)
A2 Office Boy (Brodinski Remix)
B1 Office Boy (Architecture In Helsinki Remix)
B2 Office Boy (Shir Khan Remix)
Live From Planet Blapps [1989-1991]
A1 Blapps Posse - Don't Hold Back (The Remix)
A2 Outrage - (Too Much) Energy
A3 Outrage - Religious B-Boy
B1 Blapps Posse - Do What U Want To
B2 Dynamic Guv'nors - These Guys Are Doper Than Dope
Pacific Connection EP
A1 Happiness Is Love feat. Aloe Blacc
A2 Under The Trees
A3 Daybreak
B1 What You Want
B2 Don't Hold Back
B3 The Get Loose
Let Go The Past / S.O.S.
A1 Let Go The Past (Original Mix)
A2 Let Go The Past (Will Styles Remix)
B1 S.O.S. (Original Mix)
B2 S.O.S. (Omegaman Remix)
Untold Stories In Music Part 3
A1 Abstract Hero
A2 Frozen Explosion
A3 Fish Go Deep
A4 Bubble (With Mr Chein)
A5 Follow Me
A6 Donbleblatt
B1 Stealth Sonic Soul
B2 Toy
The Slow Ground EP
A1 Clouds
A2 Thought We Were Alone
A3 Slow Ground
A4 Demon Spawn
B1 Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
B2 Thought We Were Alone (Eliphino Remix)
B3 Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold - Money Vs Gold Remix)
Funk Burners Volume 2
A1 Funky Music Party (Beat Intro Mix)
A2 Funky Music Party (Scratchapella Intro Mix)
A3 Funky Music Party (DJ Tool Scratchapella)
B1 Party Of The Century
B2 Manifest Party
Disparate EP
Disparate EP / Kidboy / Jazz&Milk Recordings / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Yo Me Voy De Aqui
A2 Changüí De Manteca Feat. Julio Cesar Rodriguez
B1 A Moment To Think Feat. BluRum 13
B2 The Culture Feat. Ohmega Watts
What U Rhymin' 4?
A1 What U Rhymin' 4?
B1 What U Rhymin' 4? - Instrumental
Pure Science
Pure Science / 101 / High Noon Music / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Pure Science
B1 Pure Science Instrumental
I Got The Number
A1 Fresh Mark & Black Hawk - I Got The Number (Vocal)
B1 Black Hawk Feat. Soul Investigators - I Got The Number (Instrumental)
Really Swing Vol 3
A1 Flirt
A2 Funky Rooster
A3 Ice Cream
A4 Island Tooke
B1 Under Your Control
B2 Bancha Rock
B3 Country La Chapelle
B4 Bong Mum
Bringing It Home (Volume One) 2x12"
A1 3rd - Super Soul
A2 151 - Out For Blood
A3 Zhado - Who Am I
A4 BJ Digby - Surrender
A5 Lone Catalysts - On Course
B1 J. Flint - Hump Day
B2 Rhul Ave. - R.A.
B3 Ze Man - North 15212
B4 Afaliah Afelyone - In/Exhale
B5 Destiny - I Know
C1 Lost Scripts - Japanese Arithmetic
C2 Jennifer Johns - Spanish Interlude
C3 KMOS - High Noon
C4 3rd - Rock My Shit
C5 Prime - Rewind
D1 Caleesh - Live Cats
D2 O Sh!t - Who's The Illest
D3 Usef Dinero - Misc.
D4 S.P.I.R.I.T. - I Can't Stand It
Hold It Down / Uncut Pure
A1 Hold It Down (Radio Edit)
A2 Hold It Down (Remix)
A3 Uncut Pure (Remix)
Chapter Seven Verse Two
A1 Out The Bunker
A2 Out The Bunker (Instrumental)
A3 What Dreams Are Made Of (Bonus)
B1 You Know The Name
B2 You Know The Name (Instrumental)
B3 Joe Mama (Bonus Bonus) (Instrumental)
A.B. Slash
A.B. Slash / Ab/nrml / Freestyle Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 A.B. Slash
A2 Watch Out
B1 Give Me The Clap
B2 Nonsense
Grand Right Now / It's Only Right
A1 Grand Right Now (Chop's Album Version - Clean)
A2 Grand Right Now (Paul Nice Remix - Clean)
A3 Grand Right Now (Chop's Album Version - Instrumental)
A4 Grand Right Now (Paul Nice Remix - Instrumental)
B1 It's Only Right (Rap Niggaz 2) (Hi-Tek's Album Version - Street)
B2 It's Only Right (Rap Niggaz 2) (Hi-Tek's Radio Version - Clean)
B3 It's Only Right (Rap Niggaz 2) (Hi-Tek's Album Version - Instrumental)
Psychoboogie / Aspects / Not On Label / Vinyl 7" / Used
A Psychoboogie
B Psychoboogie (Instrumental)
Key To The City
A Key To The City
B Key To The City (Dub)
Volcanoes EP
Volcanoes EP / Recall / Microgram Records / Vinyl 7" / Used
A1 Volcanoes
A2 2Rapids #1
B1 Mindmatter
B2 Psychoanalysis (Hal Mix)
Percolator / The Refil
A1 Percolator
B1 The Refil
I Would
I Would / Karime Kendra / Scenario Records / Vinyl 7" / Used
A I Would
B I Would (Instrumental)
Respect / The Real Roxanne / Cooltempo / Vinyl 7" / Used
A Respect (Vocal)
B Her Bad Self (Posse Mix)
Forbidden Ground 2x12"
The Frontline EP
A1 Intro
A2 Frontline
A3 Vox
A4 Beats
A5 Pella
B1 Big Up (Unreleased Version)
B2 Charras Wrexus
Synchronise EP
Synchronise EP / Def Tex / Son Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Synchronise
A2 Written Response
A3 Written Response (Instrumental)
B1 Obscure Journey
B2 Obscure Journey (Instrumental)
B3 Synchronise (Instrumental)
Killin' Ya Softly
Killin' Ya Softly / C*Swing / Peace Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
Blessed Is The Man
A1 Blessed Is The Man
A2 Blessed Is The Man (Small Arms Fiya 4th And Back Refix)
AA1 Sweet Music Play
AA2 Blessed Is The Man (Small Arms Fiya 4th And Back Refix Instrumental)
Untitled / Frankie Cutlass / Epic / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 The Cypher (Radio Version)
A2 Feel The Vibe
A3 Pay Ya Dues
B1 Focus
B2 Know Da Game
B3 Puerto Rico / Black People
Culture / Illegal Busyness
A1 Culture (Radio)
A2 Culture (LP)
A3 Culture (Instrumental)
B1 Illegal Busyness (LP)
B2 Illegal Busyness (Instrumental)
B3 Illegal Busyness (Acappella)
Medication / Acupuncture
A1 Medication
A2 Acupuncture
A3 Acupuncture (Remix)
B1 Acupuncture
B2 Acupuncture (Instrumental)
B3 Acupuncture (Remix) (Instrumental)
Fresh Air
A1 Fresh Air (Clean)
A2 Fresh Air (Dirty)
A3 Fresh Air (Instrumental)
B1 Aquarian Mind (Clean)
B2 Aquarian Mind (Dirty)
B3 Aquarian Mind (Instrumental)
Dos Collabo / Revolution Dub
A1 Dos Collabo (Vocal)
A2 Dos Collabo (Vocal Clean)
A3 Dos Collabo (Instrumental)
B1 Revolution Dub (Vocal)
B2 Revolution Dub (Vocal Clean)
B3 Revolution Dub (Instrumental)
Maximum Adrenaline / Earthquake
A1 Maximum Adrenaline (Radio)
A2 Maximum Adrenaline (Street)
A3 Maximum Adrenaline (Instrumental)
B1 Earthquake (Radio)
B2 Earthquake (Street)
B3 Earthquake (Instrumental)
In Da Club
In Da Club / Est'elle / Paradise Isle / Vinyl 12" / Used
A In Da Club
B Do You Like
I'm Losing
I'm Losing / Clean / Indie Futura / Vinyl 12" / Used
A I'm Losing
B Twist
Dedicated / Dynamic Syncopation / Ninja / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 The Plan (Remix)
A2 Dedicated (Ollie Teeba Remix)
A3 Dedicated (LP Mix)
B1 The Plan (Remix Instrumental)
B2 Dedicated (Ollie Teeba Remix Instrumental)
B3 Dedicated (LP Mix Instrumental)
Grey Skies (N15)
A1 Grey Skies (N15) (Original Mix)
A2 Grey Skies (N15) (Hip -Hop Remix)
B1 Grey Skies (N15) (Club Remix)
B2 Grey Skies (N15) (Original Instrumental)
No Suckas Volume 1
A1 Nutjuice - Labber & Mention
A2 Royal Appointment - Outta My Way
B1 Philibustaz - Children Of The Ghetto
B2 Nutjuice - Labber & Mention (Instrumental)
DJ Smash Presents The Party Platter EP #2
A1 Daktari
A2 Jumpin' Ritmo
B1 Jazz Revolution
B2 Dread vs. Alien
The Champ
The Champ / Throwdown / Hardback / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 The Champ (12" Version)
A2 The Champ (Boss Mix)
A3 The Champ (Radio Edit)
AA1 Bust The Champ " Version)
AA2 Bust The Champ (Radio Edit)
AA3 Bust The Champ (Radio Edit)
The Opening 2x12"
Trouble Over Here, Trouble Over There
Home / The Come On
Home / The Come On / Mission: / PUTS Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Home
A2 Home (Instrumental)
B1 The Come On
B2 The Come On (Instrumental)
Watts Happening 2x12"
A1 What's It Worth
A2 Triple Double
A3 No Delay
A4 Shorty Shouts
A5 Model Citizen
B1 Few And Far Between
B2 Eyes And Ears
B3 Roc The Bells
B4 Adaptacao
C1 Saywhayusay
C2 (Interlude: 'A Teaspoon Of Sugar')
C3 Are You Satisfied
C4 Dedicated
C5 Memory Lane
D1 Found
D2 (Interlude: 'Clap On Clap Off!')
D3 Work For Wealth
D4 The Platypus Strut
D5 Freak Out!!!
D6 Gone With The Wind
Traditori Di Tutti
1 Prologue
10 Two Pills In The Pocket
11 Miss Livia Ussaro
12 Annoying Repetitions
2 Giulia Mon Amour
3 Stainless Steel
4 One Hundred Guests
5 Mescaline 6
6 The Butcher's Bride
7 Vendetta
8 You Filthy Bastards !
9 Traitors
The Foremost
1 The Feeling
10 The Shape Of Things To Come
2 Diggin' For A Livin
3 Get Busy Music
4 Beverly
5 Angry Birds
6 Work Song
7 Triple Threat MC's Ft. The Rampagers
8 The Foremost
9 Take A Stand
Traditori Di Tutti
A1 Prologue
A2 Giulia Mon Amour
A3 Stainless Steel
A4 One Hundred Guests
A5 Mescaline 6
A6 The Butcher's Bride
B1 Vendetta
B2 You Filthy Bastards !
B3 Traitors
B4 Two Pills In The Pocket
B5 Miss Livia Ussaro
B6 Annoying Repetitions
The Foremost
A1 The Feeling
A2 Diggin' For A Livin
A3 Get Busy Music
A4 Beverly
A5 Angry Birds
B1 Work Song
B2 Triple Threat MC's Ft. The Rampagers
B3 The Foremost
B4 Take A Stand
B5 The Shape Of Things To Come
B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster - Part 2 / The Elephant
A1 B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster - Part 2
B1 The Elephant
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