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Suzy Brown - Shake Your Body / Anne & Anice Peters - Rock Your Body
A1 Suzy Brown - Shake Your Body
B1 Anne & Anice Peters - Rock Your Body
Checkin' On You / Carribean Cruise
A1 Checkin' On You
B1 Carribean Cruise
King Jammys Dancehall 1: Digital Revolution 1985-1989 2x12"
A1 Dennis Brown - The Exit
A2 Wayne Smith - My Lord My God
A3 Little Kirk - Don't Touch The Crack
A4 Junior Murvin - Jack Slick
A5 Anthony Johnson - Dancehall Vibes
B1 Wayne Smith - In Thing
B2 Wayne Smith - Icky All Over
B3 Tonto Irie - Life Story
B4 Chaka Demus - Original Kuff
B5 Chuck Turner - We Rule The Dancehall
C1 Johnny Osbourne - In The Area (What A La La)
C2 Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher
C3 Wayne Smith - E20
C4 Conroy Smith - Love Affair
C5 Eccleton Jarrett - Rock Them One By One
D1 Jammy - In The Area Version
D2 Jammy - Jack Slick Version
D3 Jammy - Don't Touch The Crack Version
D4 Jammy - Original Kuff Version
D5 Jammy - We Rule The Dancehall Version
King Jammys Dancehall 2: Digital Roots & Hard Dancehall 1984-1991 2x12"
A1 Dennis Brown - History
A2 Cornell Campbell - Nothing Don't Come Easy
A3 Admiral Tibet - Victim Of Babylon
A4 Wailing Souls - Move On
A5 Tinga Stewart - No Drugs
B1 Pad Anthony - Dangerous System
B2 Wackad - Cry For The Youths
B3 Dennis Brown - Tracks Of Life
B4 Al Campbell - Don't Take Your Gun To Town
B5 Pad Anthony - Gotta Be Strong
C1 Junior Delgado - Run Come
C2 Junior Murvin - Cool Down The Heat
C3 Prince Junior - Crucial Boy
C4 Horace Andy - Love Light Of Mine
C5 Half Pint - One Big Ghetto
D1 King Jammy - Nothing Don't Come Easy Version
D2 King Jammy - Victim Of Babylon Version
D3 King Jammy - Don't Take Your Gun To Town Version
D4 King Jammy - Gotta Be Strong Version
D5 Prince Jammy - Crucial Boy Version
Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966-1967 2x12"
A1 Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul
A2 Hopeton Lewis - Let Me Come On Home
A3 The Zodiacs - Walk On By
A4 Termites - We Gonna Make It
A5 The Dynamites - Fountain Bliss
B1 Hopeton Lewis - Rock A Shacka
B2 Hopeton Lewis - Don't Cry
B3 The Royals - House Upon The Hill
B4 The Tartans - Real Gone Sweet
B5 The Tartans - Rolling Rolling
C1 Hopeton Lewis - I Don't Want Trouble
C2 Lester Sterling - Lester Sterling Special
C3 The Dynamites - If You Did Love Me (Take 1)
C4 The Tartans - Don't Take That Train
C5 Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Batman (Early Take)
D1 Hopeton Lewis - Oh Tell Me Darling (Take 1)
D2 The Tartans - I'm Ready
D3 Henry Buckley - Take Me Back
D4 Roland Alphonso - Sounds Of Silence
D5 Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Batman (Early Take - Rehearsal)
D6 The Federal All Stars - Merritone False Starts 2
In The Gray
A1 In The Gray
B1 In The Gray (Instrumental)
Merritone Rock Steady 1: Shanty Town Curfew 1966-1967 2x12"
1 Roland Alphonso - Sai Pan
2 The Renegades - You've Lost The Love
3 The Ethiopians - You Got To Be Clean
4 Henry Buckley - Beware Of All Those Rude Boys
5 The Tartans - What You Gonna Do Now
6 Roland Alphonso - Stranger For Durango
7 The Renegades - Knocking On My Door
8 Soul Brothers - Shanty Town Curfew
9 Oswald Sewell - Where Can He Go
10 Henry Buckley - If I Am Right
11 Roland Alphons - How Soon
12 Pulus - Sow To Reap
13 The Renegades - Big And Fine
14 Black Brothers - Born To Rule
15 Laxton Ford - Finders Keepers
16 Hopeton Lewis - Run Down
17 Oswald Sewell - Oh My Love
18 Hopeton Lewis - Pick Yourself Up
19 The Tartans - Dance All Night
20 The Tartans - What Can I Do
21 The Federal All Stars - Merritone False Starts 1
Your Time Is Gonna Come
A1 Your Time Is Gonna Come (Edit)
B1 Woodstock
B2 Hey Hey What Can I Do
From Russia With Love / Cleopatra
A1 From Russia With Love
B1 Cleopatra
Cottage By The Sea Side / Woman In Love
A1 Cottage By The Sea Side
B1 Woman In Love
Freedom Sounds
A1 Freedom Sounds
B1 Freedom Sounds Take 2
Escape / Prophetic Four / Nightsun Discs / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Prophetic Four - Escape
B1 Prophetic Four As Dub Assassins - Pursuit
All Hail The Mighty Sceptres!
A1 Siren Call
A2 I Found The Letter
A3 Shy As A Butterfly
A4 Just Didn't Mean It
A5 Jerk Chicken
A6 Nothing Seems To Work
B1 Sting Like A Bee
B2 You're Nothing But A Pack Of Cards
B3 Gentle Refrain
B4 Land Of Green Ginger
B5 Krazy Kat
B6 That Ol' Feelin'
B7 We Got A Problem
Little John - Jammys Rule / Colin Roach - Hey Yo
A1 Little John - Jammys Rule
B1 Colin Roach - Hey Yo
Tecumsay Roberts / Commy Bassey - The Triask Tusk EP (Afro Disco Club Favourites)
A1 Tecumsay Roberts - It Makes Me Dance And Sing
B1 Commy Bassey - We Want Togetherness
You Are
You Are / Dennis Brown / Yvonne's Special / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 You Are - Radio Mix
B1 You Are - Club Mix
Hotel Fee / Bathroom Sex
A1 General Echo and Madoo - Hotel Fee
B1 General Echo - Bathroom Sex
Decision / Joy Mack / Four Sixty / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Decision
B1 Decision
Rasta / Delroy Washington / Virgin / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Chant I
A2 Rasta
A3 Mystic Revelation
A4 Brothers In Trouble
A5 Wake Up Jamaica
B1 Zion
B2 There Must Be A Way
B3 Dress Back
B4 You Know I Want To Be
B5 Chant II
Everything Is Great
A1 Music Machine
A2 Mary Mary
A3 Stop Breaking My Heart
A4 Roots Rock Symphony
B1 Everything Is Great
B2 Playing It
B3 We 'A' Rockers
B4 I've Learned My Lesson
Fatal Dub
A1 Cardiac Arrest
A2 Heart Failure
B1 Rigor Mortis
B2 Post Mortem
Three Piece Chicken & Chips
A1 Ranking Trevor - Antie Lulu
A2 Trinity - No Galfriend
A3 Ranking Trevor - Lord Of Hosts
A4 Trinity - African King
A5 Ranking Trevor - Answer Me Question
B1 Trinity - All Gone
B2 Ranking Trevor - Three Piece Chicken And Chips
B3 Trinity - Judgment Day
B4 Ranking Trevor - Love Your Sisters
B5 Trinity - That's Life
Junior Reid - Puppa Jammy Nice /  Little John - Jammys Has Come
A1 Junior Reid - Puppa Jammy Nice
B1 Little John - Jammys Has Come
Never Give Up / Follow Fashion
A1 Earl Cunningham - Never Give Up
B1 Clint Eastwood - Follow Fashion
Star Fell From Heaven
A1 Star Fell From Heaven
A2 Black Woman
A3 Things Are Going My Way
A4 Amazing Grace
A5 Mama
B1 Just A Little Love
B2 Running
B3 Little Girl
B4 Lost Child
Back To Africa
A1 Philip Fraser - Dance Crasher
A2 Philip Fraser - Willow Tree
A3 Philip Fraser - Back To Africa
A4 Philip Fraser - Tribute To Stone
A5 Philip Fraser - Still In Slavery
B1 Earth And Stone - Let's Build Our Dreams
B2 Earth And Stone - Raindrops
B3 Gaylads - You'll Come Running
B4 Gaylads - She Want It
Slavery Let I Go
Slavery Let I Go / Dr. Alimantado / Virgin / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Slavery Let I Go
B1 Find The One
Why Yu Nuh / Version
A1 Why Yu Nuh
B1 Version
Can Can / Armchair Disco
A1 Can Can
B1 Armchair Disco
No Man's Land
A1 No Man's Land
A2 Tell Me You Love Me
A3 Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
A4 I Will Never Let You Go
A5 Bring It On Home To Me
B1 Yes I Will
B2 Out Of Sight
B3 Stay Down Babylon
B4 My Guiding Star
B5 You'll Be There
Murder She Wrote / Don Dada
A1 Murder She Wrote
B1 Don Dada
Bat Man / The Joker
A1 Bat Man
B1 The Joker
Jamaica's Glad Sounds - Let's Go Native
A1 Intensified '68
A2 Words
A3 A. B. C. Rocksteady
A4 If I Only Had Time
A5 Chances
B1 Starlight
B2 Ride Me Donkey
B3 Rainbow Valley
B4 Love Me Forever
B5 Once Upon A Time
Everybody Knows
A1 Somebody Has Stolen My Girl
A2 Hungry Heart
A3 True Confession
A4 Roll With It
A5 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
A6 The Model
B1 Girlfriend In A Coma
B2 Glad
B3 Teenage Kicks
B4 I Don't Know
B5 End Titles
B6 La Mia Geisha
Mr. Hops / Oh My Love
A1 The Renegades - Mr. Hops
B1 Oswald Sewell - Oh My Love
Congo Beat The Drum
A1 Intro
A2 Inna Skateland
A3 Prisoner In Love
A4 Congo Beat The Drum
A5 Same Thing Every Day
B1 Marshall Bread
B2 Trouble In The Dance
B3 Aim
B4 Out A Road
B5 Voice Make A Joyful Noise
B6 Prisoner In Love (CRB Version)
Thug Fever / Woohstar
Thug Fever / Woohstar / Jstar / Jstar / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Unknown Artist - Thug Fever
B1 Busta Rhymes - Woohstar
B2 Unknown Artist - Thugadub
BMG Urban Sampler 08
A1 Anthony Hamilton - Charlene
A2 Angie Stone - U-Haul
A3 Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name (Reggae Mix)
B1 Cassidy - Huslin
B2 J-Kwon - They Ask Me
B3 Jermaine Dupri Feat. J-Kwon - Party Over Here
Two Shots
Two Shots / Honorebel / Buds Distribution / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Two Shots (Sparxxx Clean Version)
A2 Two Shots (Sparxxx Dirty Version)
A3 Two Shots (Special Delivery Clean Version)
B1 Two Shots (Dancehall Clean Version)
B2 Two Shots (Dancehall Dirty Version)
Make Faith / Peace & Love
A Knowledge - Make Faith
B Tappa Zukie - Peace & Love
Arada / Brand New
A1 Arada
B1 Brand New World
B2 Brand New Instrumental
Years Dub
A1 Years Dub
B1 Perfume
We're Not Leaving
A We're Not Leaving
B I'll Leave Dub
We're Not Leaving
A1 We're Not Leaving (2012 Version)
A2 We're Not Leaving Dub
A3 Red Earth Roots (Feat Horseman)
B1 One Day
B2 Human Nature
B3 Human Nature Dub Instrumental
An Exotic Breed
An Exotic Breed / Dusty / Jazz&Milk Recordings / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 An Exotic Breed
A2 An Exotic Breed (Umberto Echo´s Dub
B1 Salsa Step
B2 Rhythmo (Feat. Carla Vallet)
Everyday Games
Everyday Games / Aldo Vanucci / AVRB / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Everyday Games
A2 Dat Good
B1 Good Skank
B2 Pretty Old School
Love Guide
Love Guide / Two Culture Clash / Wall Of Sound / Vinyl 12" / Used
A Love Guide
B Love Guide (Instrumental)
Hollertronix #4
A1 Diplo - Buy It Use It
A2 Diplo - Buy It Use It Version
A3 Bangers - Let's Get Control
B1 M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (Scotty B + King Tut Unruly Rmx)
B2 Missy Elliott - Bad Man (Diplo Remix)
B3 Madonna - Hanged Up (Mad Decent Remix)
The Rudest / Still Splendid
A The Rudest
B Still Splendid
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