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Alvin Stardust
Alvin Stardust / Alvin Stardust / Magnet / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Red Dress
A2 Heartbeat
A3 Just Love Me Baby
A4 Where's She Gone
A5 You, You, You
B1 Chilli Willi
B2 Jump Down!
B3 Shake On Little Roller!
B4 Tell Me Why
B5 First Train Out
B6 Blind Fool


Paradise / Pãwshēr / Permission


Track Title
A1 Paradise
B1 Pãwshēr
B2 Permission


Assemblage / Japan / Hansa International / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Adolescent Sex
A2 Stateline
A3 Communist China
A4 ...Rhodesia
A5 Suburban Berlin
B1 Life In Tokyo
B2 European Son
B3 All Tomorrow's Parties
B4 Quiet Life
B5 I Second That Emotion


Dancing With Strangers
Dancing With Strangers / Chris Rea / Magnet / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Joys Of Christmas
A2 I Can't Dance To That
A3 Windy Town
A4 Gonna Buy A Hat
A5 Curse Of The Traveller
B1 Let's Dance
B2 Que Sera
B3 Josie's Tune
B4 Loving You Again
B5 That Girl Of Mine
B6 September Blue


Under Rug Swept
Tuesday Night Music Club
The Man Who
The Man Who / Travis / Independiente / CD / Used
The last Dog and Pony Show (2xCD) interview Disc
Sympathy For The Breakbeats
Sympathy For The Breakbeats / Rob Tex / EDR / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Sympathy For The Breakbeats (Breakbeats Mix)
B1 Sympathy For The Breakbeats (Disco Mix)
Stole All My Love / Lost in the Crowd
A1 Stole All My Love
B1 Lost in the Crowd
Stars Of CCTV
Stars Of CCTV / Hard-Fi / Atlantic / CD / Used
Starhead / Jetscreamer / Bella Union / CD / Used
Sixty Eight Guns / Part two
Rescue Me
Rescue Me / The Alarm / I.R.S Records / Vinyl 12" / Used


Track Title
A1 Rescue Me (Tearing The Bonds Asunder Mix)
A2 "The Hurricane Sessions" - My Land Your Land
B1 "The Hurricane Sessions" - Elders & Folklore
B2 Pastures Of Plenty


Our Swedish Collection (US Import)
New England
New England / Wishbone Ash / MCA Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Mother Of Pearl
A2 (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me
A3 Runaway
A4 Lorelei
B1 Outward Bound
B2 Prelude
B3 When You Know Love
B4 Lonely Island
B5 Candelight
A1 Lowrider (Original)
B1 Lowrider (Motor (Bryan Black) Remix)
Love And Distance
Loca luna
Loca luna / Rua 6 / Rua 6 / CD / Used
Keep It Coming...
John Verity Band
John Verity Band / John Verity Band / Probe / Vinyl LP / Used
Jivin Girls Party vol 1
A1 Roberta may - Don't Tell me that Jive
A2 Stella Johnson - Yeah Baby
A3 The Dooley Sisters - Shtiggy Boom
A4 The Bobbettes - Mr Lee
A5 The Bobbettes - Zoomy
A6 Maureen Cannon - I double dare you
A7 Pearl Calloway - Get with it
B1 Annie Laurie - Rockin and Rollin Again
B2 Honey Lane - Smooch Pooch
B3 Honey lane - A brand new record
B4 Janice Harper - Come on home
B5 Jo-An Temple - Promise
B6 The Nilson Sisters - Ook-ah-ga-deek
B7 The Nilson Sisters - Hot dog ting a ling
If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing
Frank Zappa - Tinseltown Rebellion 2x12" LP VINYL UK 1981 CBS S 88516
Car Song / Johnny take a rose
A1 Car Song
A2 Johnny take a rose
B1 The Widow Song
B2 Holiday
Brown eyed Girl / Freaky if you got this far (2xCD)
28 great Songs (2xCD)
1 Boom Boom
2 Dimples
3 House of rent boogie
4 Drug store woman
5 i love you baby
6 mama You got a Daughter
7 Frisco
8 I'm so excited
9 Wednesday evenin blues
10 Old Time shimmy
11 Whiskey and wimmen
12 Onions
13 Send me the pillow you dream on
14 Process
15 I'm in the mood
16 Good rockin Mama
17 Baby Lee
18 Blues before sunrise
19 Boogie Chillen 2
20 Bottle up and go
21 Dusty road
22 Hobo Blues
23 Little wheel
24 No shoes
25 Maudie
26 Trouble Blues
27 Turn over a new leaf
28 Tupelo
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