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It's Good Eve
It's Good Eve / Vonda Shepard / Epic / CD / Used
Fit To Serve
Rock-Land / Stone Caravan / SCR / CD / Used
Jordan's Sister
Buddy Mondlock
On the Road to Kingdom Come
Carly Simon
Carly Simon / Carly Simon / Elektra / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
A2 Alone
A3 One More Time
A4 The Best Thing
A5 Just A Sinner
B1 Dan, My Fling
B2 Another Door
B4 Reunions
B4 Rolling Down The Hills
B5 The Love's Still Growing
Live In Europe
Live In Europe / Leo Kottke / Chrysalis / Vinyl LP / Used
No Refuge
No Refuge / Eddie Schwartz / Atco Records / Vinyl LP / Used
Eve Moon
Eve Moon / Eve Moon / Capitol / Vinyl LP / Used
21 Days In Soho
21 Days In Soho / Richard Myhill / EMI / Vinyl LP / Used
Mandolin Fantasy
Mickey's Movin' On
Light Shine
Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player
A Single Man
A Single Man / Elton John / MCA / Vinyl LP / Used
Fire In The Wind
Fire In The Wind / John Stewart / Rso / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Fire In The Wind
A2 Rocket In My Own Sweet Time
A3 On You Like The Wind
A4 The Runner
A5 Morning Thunder
B1 Promise The Wind
B2 Boston Lady
B3 18 Wheels
B4 The Last Human
B5 The Wild Side Of You
Crazy Dreams
Famous Country Music Makers
Brain Junk
There's A Light Beyond These Woods
Eddy Fresh / Oh No You Didn't
A Eddy Fresh
B Oh No You Didn't
The Rock 'n' Roll Years - My Kind Of Music (3xCD)
Soul Cages
Soul Cages / Sting / A&M Records / CD / Used
Whispering Jack
Whispering Jack / John Farnham / RCA / CD / Used
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (2xCD)
Auberge / Chris Rea / East West / CD / Used
Rounder Folk 2
Rounder Folk 1
Fandango! / ZZ Top / Warner Bros / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Thunderbird
A2 Jailhouse Rock
A3a Backdoor Love Affair
A3b Mellow Down Easy
A3c Backdoor Love Affair No.2
A3d Long Distance Boogie
B1 Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings
B2 Blue Jean Blues
B3 Balinese
B4 Mexican Blackbird
B5 Heard It On The X
B6 Tush
Libby Titus
Libby Titus / Libby Titus / Columbia / Vinyl LP / Used
The Bread And Roses Festival Of Music 2x12"
Bread & Roses: Festival Of Acoustic Music 2x12"
Fresh Fish
Dream Babies Go Hollywood
Shuffleboat River Farewell
A1 Fairytale Lullaby
A2 Delia
A3 Suffleboat River Farewell
A4 To Althea, In Prison
A5 The Wheel
A6 Oh Lord, How Happy I Am
B1 Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
B2 The Blues Run The Game
B3 Columbine
B4 Won't You Come Along
B5 Won't You Come Along
B6 Scarlet Town
In Concert
In Concert / John Stewart / RCA / Vinyl LP / Used
All You Need Is The Music
Smart Ass
Smart Ass / Mitch Ryder ‎ / Safari Records / Vinyl LP / Used
...And Then There Were Three...
A1 Down And Out
A2 Undertow
A3 Ballad Of Big
A4 Snowbound
A5 Burning Rope
B1 Deep In The Motherlode
B2 Many Too Many
B3 Scenes From A Night's Dream
B4 Say It Alright Joe
B5 The Lady Lies
B6 Follow You Follow Me
Travels In The South
Smile...It Confuses People
Lovesongs For Underdogs
Ten Songs About You
Lank Haired Girl To Bearded Boy
Electric landlady
Ladies' Choice
Ladies' Choice / Michael Stanley Band / Epic / Vinyl LP / Used
Alex Harvey
Alex Harvey / Alex Harvey / Capitol / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 To Make My Life Beautiful
A2 Jesus Man
A3 Lucy
A4 Hoodooin' Of Miss Fanny De Berry
A5 Ritual Of Miss Fanny De Berry
B1 So I'm Down (But I Ain't Out)
B2 Tulsa Turnaround
B3 Momma's Waiting
B4 Light Of Kindness
B5 Delta Dawn
Telephone King
Essen / Frog and Co / Gema / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Green, Green
A2 Banks of Ohio
A3 Grandfather's Clock
A4 Polly Von
A5 Sloop John B
A6 Greensleeves
A7 Oh Susannah
B1 Guantanamera
B2 Morning of my Life
B3 Down Yonder
B4 Dat Du Min Leevsten Bust
B5 Maria Isabel
B6 Blowin in the Wind
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