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Walking On The Moon / Did You See Those Me
A1 Walking On The Moon
B1 Did You See Those Me
Broken / Plan B
Plan B
Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol. 1
Keep Reachin' Up
A1 Feeling Free
A2 If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is)
A3 Keep Reachin' Up
A4 Blues Downtown
A5 Soul Investigators Theme
B1 No One's Gonna Love You
B2 Perfect Kind Of Love
B3 Invisible Man
B4 My Four Leaf Clover
B5 Holdin' On
Losing You
A1 Losing You (S. Mitra)
A2 Baltimore Oriole (H. Carmichael)
A3 In The Pines (Traditional)
A4 Sixteen Miles (S. Mitra)
A5 Help Me Make It Through The Night (K. Kristofferson)
A6 Love Affair (S. Mitra)
B1 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (S. Bono)
B2 The Secret Sorrow Of A Travelling Man (S. Mitra)
B3 Here Lies My Love (Martin/Dobard)
B4 Going Home Alone (S. Mitra)
B5 Nothing and No One (J.L. Nichols)
B6 She Moved Through The Fair (Traditional)
Heavyweight / Frootful / Freestyle Records / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Them Blues
A2 Blackberry Jam
A3 The Road
A4 Benedict Boogaloo (Part 1)
A5 Ernie's Journey
B1 Baby It's A Fine Line
B2 The Bounding Hound
B3 Gettin' Ernest
B4 Benedict Boogaloo (Part 2)
B5 Jazz Hands
B6 October
Bipolar Promo Cutz 5
Bipolar Promo Cutz 5 / Kay Sputnik / Bipolar / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Rock Groove Machine (Kay Sputnik Edit)
B1 Forever Came Today (Kay Sputnik Edit)
The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive And Well!
A1 The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive And Well! (Guynamukat Edit)
B1 The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive And Well! (Guynamukat (Afro-Boogie Labour Of Love Remix)
You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love
A1 You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love - Part 1
B1 You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love - Part 2
This Girl / Four 'N Twenty
A1 This Girl
B1 Four 'N Twenty
You No Fit Touch Am
A1 E Go Betta
A2 You No Fit Touch Am
A3 Na My Turn
B1 I Don't Care
B2 We Siddon We Dey Look (Straight Molin')
B3 Sanctuary
African Party
A1 I Jool Omo
A2 Adura
A3 Witchdoctor
A4 Ire
A5 Talking Drum
B1 Lord Morocco
B2 A You Momma
B3 Watusi
B4 Alege
B5 Hi Life
Robot Legs
All The People
1 Mushroom Strut
10 Cecils Slide
2 Sweetback
3 Somewhere Finally (Album Version)
4 All The People Pt1
5 No Right Turn
6 Know No Gods
7 I Breathe
8 The Bone Breaker
9 Cold Case
11 All The People Pt2
Seasons Greetings
Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus
Siete Pulgadas
Are You Ready Cat?
The Magic Of Hokis Pokis 2x12"
A1 Can’t Wait For Love
A2 Get Cha Girl
A3 Swing
B1 Keep On Rollin’
B2 City Rhythm
C1 Nowhere
C2 Find What You’re Looking For
C3 Fire
D1 I Only Have Eyes For You
D2 Falling In Love
You're Good To Me
A1 You're Good To Me
B1 Her Name Escapes Me
Promise Feat Olivier Daysoul
A1 Promise
B1 Promise (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Hold On Me / This Love Ain't Big Enough (For The Two Of Us)
A1 Hold On Me
B1 This Love Ain't Big Enough (For The Two Of Us)
A1 Confusion
A2 Trouble In Mind
A3 Sweetback
B1 Have You Ever Been Mellow
B2 Jamaica Farewell
B3 You've Got It Bad, Girl
Organic Dream
A1 Ginseng Love
A2 Winter
A3 Love Juice
B1 Peace Of Mind
B2 The Wok
B3 A Green Meadow
Killion Vaults 2x12"
Killion Vaults 2x12" / Orgone / Ubiquity / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Dramatic Times
A2 The Score
A3 Interloper
A4 Summer Beat
B1 Counting On You
B2 Waiting
B3 The Big Escape
B4 Done Deal
B5 Dark Falls
C1 K. Irin
C2 Sandstorm Pt. 2
C3 Dead Reckoning
C4 Shopping Spree
C5 Impala
D1 Cruel Intentions
D2 Wanting Wondering
D3 Sonny's Lament
D4 Faith Keep Rolling
B. Bravo and Teeko Present Tempo Dreams Vol. 2 - 2x12"
A1 S3 - Don't Stop
A2 Rojai & E. Live - Hard Pressed
A3 Pomrad - Dans
B1 Starship Connection - We Can Go All Night
B2 Mugpush - Came Too Far
C1 K-Maxx - Dreamin' Of You
C2 Tony Ozier - Back To The Mitten
C3 Bayonics - Wheels Keep Turning (Remix)
D1 Atjazz - One
D2 Insomniax - A Vibe For Chrissy
D3 Approach - While Seated / She Burned
One For The Road / Cry Of Sorrow
A1 One For The Road
B1 Cry Of Sorrow
El Mambo Del Pito (The Whistle Song)
A1 Mambo Jazz Del Pito (The Whistle Song) (7
B1 Mambo Jazz Del Pito (The Whistle Song) (Captain Planet Remix)
Back To My Shit / Love Hz
A1 Back To My Shit
B1 Love Hz
Rhapsody In Berlin Part 1 and 2
A1 Rhapsody In Berlin Part 1
B1 Rhapsody In Berlin Part 2
Making New Friends / Trippin On The Sounds
A1 Making New Friends
B1 Trippin On The Sounds
I've Changed / Inspector Norse
A1 I've Changed
B1 Inspector Norse
Nik Weston Presents Lost Soul & Funk Gems Volume three
A1 The Chapparrals - Hittin' it
B1 The Diddys - My Special Love
France Gall - Zozoi / IRP-3 - Tema De Soninha
A1 France Gall - Zozoi
B1 IRP-3 - Tema De Soninha
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky
A1 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky
B1 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky (Fleg Remix)
Last Laugh / For The Night
A1 Last Laugh
B1 For The Night
Give It Up / Come On Home
A1 Give It Up
B1 Come On Home
Slowtime / Latin Strut
A1 Slowtime
A2 Latin Strut
B1 Slowtime (Lack Of Afro Remix)
Rewind! 6 2x12"
A1 Monophonics - Bang Bang
A2 Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - Apache
A3 Black Randy - Give It Up Or Turn It LooseBlack Randy Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
A4 Echocentrics - Party People
A5 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Hey Ya
B1 Johnny Frigo - Day Tripper
B2 Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - East
B3 Orgone - I Get Lifted
C1 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Rock Your Body
C2 Lions - Think (About It)
C3 Frankie Gee - Date With The Rain
C4 Brownout - Planet Caravan
D1 Electric Peanut Butter Company - Dreams
D2 James Combs - Happy Together
D3 Johnny Frigo - Spill The Wine
D4 Jed And Lucia - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
This Is Not A Drill
A1 Intro
A2 Hear What I Say
A3 The Knock Knock
A4 Politiks Kills People
A5 Do What I Wanna Do
B1 Close To Me
B2 Took Me For A Ride
B3 Signs Of Hope & Happiness
B4 Pull You Over The Line
B5 Last Orders (Outro)
Jimmy Ruckus And The Five Fingers Of Death
A1 The Technique Know As The Five Fingers Of Death (Dialogue) / Theme To The Five Fingers Of Death
A2 17 Thoroughly Whipped Asses
A3 Crime Syndicate Strike / An Important Situation (Dialogue)
A4 Return To Sandakan No.8
A5 Slow Mo Through Plate Glass Window
A6 Incident At Shizuoka / An Example Made (Dialogue)
A7 Hanging With Roscoe
A8 Drinks At The Pink Salon / Soul Dynamite (Dialogue)
B1 JR Richard
B2 The Money Drop / Something Not On The Menu (Dialogue)
B3 Ruckus Vs Flying Guillotine
B4 The 258th Style Mastered / Mr. Bob Harris (Dialogue)
B5 Ninja Brotherhood
B6 Blurple Dancefloor / It Don't Rain On Me (Dialogue)
B7 Under Cloak Of Night
B8 Quarter-Speed Technique / Two Types Of Things In This World (Dialogue)
Jo Tongo
Jo Tongo / Jo Tongo / Africa Seven / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Jangolo (Les Mangues)
A2 Boso Bongo (Ton Visage)
A3 A'Muna (Petit Enfant)
A4 Ewande (Ma Fiancée)
B1 Piani (Conte Douala)
B2 Wenge (Aujourd'Hui)
B3 Muasa Loko (Joue)
B4 Kiele
All The People
A1 Mushroom Strut
A2 Sweetback
A3 Somewhere Finally (Album Version)
A4 All The People Pt1
A5 No Right Turn
B1 Know No Gods
B2 I Breathe
B3 The Bone Breaker
B4 Cold Case
B5 Cecils Slide
Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol. 2
What you Need
1 Power In Me
2 Love Sick
3 The Things
4 Watch It
5 Slide
6 Save Us
7 Cold
8 Be Yourself
9 What You Need
10 Now I'm Free
The Naked Truth
The Greatest Hits of Dionne Warwick 3x12"
I Want You Back / Looking Through The Windows
A1 I Want You Back (Original Full Album Version)
B1 Looking Through The Windows (Original Full Album Version)
In the Red
In the Red / Trusme / Fat City / CD / New
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