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Soul / Funk

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Soulful Procalamation
1 Soulful Proclamation
2 Frequency Response
3 Ain't No Mountain (High Enough)
4 He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)
5 Twenty Four Hours A Day
6 If I'd A Club
7 Eleanor Rigby
8 Rebecca
9 Just Can't Run Away
10 Rejoice
Lend Me Your Ear
Future Soul
Vol.2 / Quiroga / Really Swing / Vinyl 10" / New
A1 Sessomatto
A2 Norma Desmond
A3 What A Motivation
A4 Feel This
B1 Visivi
B2 Worst Gov
B3 Crackin Martelli
B4 Touch Too Much
Slingshot Boogie
1 Sock It To Ya!
2 Slingshot Boogie
3 Super Jam
4 Top Brass
5 Blastin'
6 Rec
7 Twang
8 Get Busy
9 NY Funk
10 Call It
11 Watch Out
12 Watch Out (Malente Remix)
13 Rec (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
14 Super Jam (Flow Dynamics Remix)
Quest Under Capricorn
A1 Brookly
A2 Gayanamede Prelude
A3 Winds Across Gayanamede
A4 Los Angeles
A5 Quest Under Capricorn
B1 End Of A Sun
B2 Amhara
B3 Forests Of Io
B4 Saturn's Dance
No Space No Time
A No Space No Time
B B No Space No Time (Sound Species Remix)
Cold Case / Fat Hector
A Cold Case (Feat. Sulene Fleming)
B Fat Hector
Bigger Vat / Suurempi Sammio
A Bigger Vat / Suurempi Sammio
B Angular Scoop / Kulmikas Kuuppa
The Yellow EP
A Mellow Yellow
B1 Take Flight
B2 Parables Of A Miracle
Bus Ride To The Zoo / Daylight
A Busride To The Zoo
B Daylight
Strawberry Letter 23
A1 Strawberry Letter 23 (Disco Version)
B1 Strawberry Letter 23 (Radio Edit)
B2 Strawberry Letter 23 (Instrumental)
Chirpin' / Cecil Parker / EMI / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Get On Up
A2 Love Is
A3 I Think It's Time (To Let You Into My Life)
A4 You Were There
B1 I've Been Missin' Your Lovin'
B2 What It Is
B3 Your Love Keeps Me Going
B4 You Put Some Fun In My Life
Baby Face
A Baby Face (Short Version)
B Baby Face (Disco Version)
Non-Stop Funk
Non-Stop Funk / Rory Hoy / Funk Weapons / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Freddy Fresh VS Rory Hoy - La Lyrica 2011
A2 Rory Hoy - Non-Stop
B1 Rory Hoy - Badass
B2 Rory Hoy - Badass (Rockmaster Rus B Mix)
B3 Rory Hoy - Break Down In Paris
Blow Your Horn
A1 Blow Your Horn (DJ Andy Taylor Remix)
B1 Seaside Suicide (Herma Puma Remix Feat. Redkin Tha Ancient & Krash Slaughta)
Boosters On
Boosters On / Motivators / Here & Now / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Boosters On
A2 Boosters On (Instrumental)
B1 R2
B2 R2 (Instrumental)
Sunburst Radio
Sunburst Radio / Daytoner / Wass Records / Vinyl LP / New
A1 In The Beginning
A2 Little Wonder
A3 All I Want (All I Need)
A4 For Your Love
A5 On My Own
A6 Benz Bargin Bin Bossa
A7 Arrested Development
B1 The Great Unknown
B2 Treat Me
B3 The Mountain
B4 Doin Nothin'
B5 Ennio Control
B6 Tell The World
The Slow Ground EP
A1 Clouds
A2 Thought We Were Alone
A3 Slow Ground
A4 Demon Spawn
B1 Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
B2 Thought We Were Alone (Eliphino Remix)
B3 Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold - Money Vs Gold Remix)
Funk Burners Volume 2
A1 Funky Music Party (Beat Intro Mix)
A2 Funky Music Party (Scratchapella Intro Mix)
A3 Funky Music Party (DJ Tool Scratchapella)
B1 Party Of The Century
B2 Manifest Party
Delirious Grooves 3
A1 Steel Mind - Boss Man
A2 Shock - R.E.R.B.
A3 Easy Going - Baby I Love You
B1 Unknown Artist - Chase
B2 Den Harrow - No Easy Targets
B3 Shock - Dream Games
B4 Caramba - Aitho
Brutal Beats
Brutal Beats / Mad Smooth / Fat City / Vinyl LP / New
Delirious Grooves 5
A1 Giorgio Moroder - Evolution
A2 Interfront - Strange
A3 Unknown Artist - Echt
B1 Noise Abroad - Vent That Spleen
B2 Iam Siam - Talk To Me
B3 White Door - In Heaven
B4 Chrome - SS Cygni
All In My Mind
1 Flying Under Water
2 Love Is The Conquerer
3 Love Is The Conquerer (Reprise)
4 Fly
5 Wherever You Go/Gone By Now
6 Flying To The Sun Pt. I & II
7 Give It Effect
8 All In My Mind
9 All In My Mind (Reprise)
10 Isn't It Strange
11 She's Gone
12 Don't Lay Low (Gap Revisited)
13 Soldier Ready To Go Home
14 Love + War
15 Now Or Later
16 Voice Over (Goodbye)
Home Cooking
A1 Home Cooking - Part One
B1 Home Cooking - Part Two
I Can Feel Myself (Slipping Away) / Love Makes A Better World (Part 1)
A1 Angela Jefferson - I Can Feel Myself (Slipping Away)
B1 Max Infinity - Love Makes A Better World (Part 1)
Hunting Roger Rabbit / Six Severed Hates
A1 Hunting Roger Rabbit
B1 Six Severed Hates
Movin' & Groovin' Part 1 / Part 2
A1 Movin' & Groovin' Part 1
B1 Movin' & Groovin' Part 2
Live At The Sex Machine
A1 Medley: What Would The World Be Like Without Music / Let The Music Take Your Mind
A2 Walk On By
A3 Chocolate Buttermilk
A4 Trying To Make A Fool Of Me
A5 Who's Gonna Take The Weight (Part 1 & 2)
B1 Pneumonia
B2 Wichita Lineman
B3 I Want To Take You Higher
B4 Funky Man
B5 The Touch Of You
Jorge Santana
Jorge Santana / Jorge Santana / Tomato / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Sandy
A2 Tonight You're Mine
A3 Darlin I Love You
A4 We Were There
B1 Love You, Love You
B2 Love The Way
B3 Seychells
B4 Nobody's Perfect
Nightflight / Gabor Szabo / Mercury / Vinyl LP / Used
I Had To Say It
A1 I Had To Say It
A2 Loving Arms '81
A3 A The Rap '81
A3b Stranger
A3c The Rap '81 Reprise
B1 Ain't No Glory Story
B2 It's Gonna Take Some Time This Time
B3 Fancy This
B4 Ladies First
B5 Somebody's Love Died Here Last Night
B6 You Owe Me That Much
The Felcher / Mung
A1 The Felcher
B1 Mung (The Remix)
B2 Mung (The Original)
Hummin' / Soul Motion Project / Naked Vibes / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Hummin'
A2 Step Out On The Avenue
B1 Down (But Not Out)
B2 Lazy Romance
Check Us Out
Check Us Out / Light Of The World / EMI / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Famous Faces
A2 I Can't Stop
A3 Don't Run
A4 Check Us Out
A5 Tubbs In The Caribbean
B1 Soho
B2 No. 1 Girl
B3 (Everybody) Move
B4 Easy Things To Say
Get On Up
Get On Up / Various / Compilation / RCA / Vinyl LP / Used
Lost Treasure From 1974: A 24K Nugget Of Previously Unreleased Psychedelic Soul
A1 What About The Child
A2 If You Can Dance
A3 Ain't That Funky Enough
A4 Plastic Lady
A5 People Will Be People
B1 Gimme Some Love
B2 You Are So Wonderful
B3 Without You
B4 Now I Know
B5 What About The Child (Instrumental)
The Norfolk Soul Sound 3x7"
A1 Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman
B1 Why, Why, Why'd She Leave Me
C1 How You Gonna Do It
D1 Too Many Nights
E1 Workin' For My Baby
F1 Just Ask Me
Music For Adverts
Music For Adverts / / Freestyle Records / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Freedom
A2 One For The Trouble
A3 Recipe For Love
A4 Coco
A5 Brown Sugar
A6 The Gypsy
B1 The Contender
B2 Missing Me
B3 No Guts, No Glory
B4 Making It Right
B5 On The Road
B6 Here We Go Again
1 Habibi Taal
2 Soukura (It's Late)
3 Nuba Noutou
4 Oud Solo
5 Bilad Aldahb
6 Fugu (Shams Alhurria)
7 Rennat
8 Wad Alnuba Ft. Sounds of Taraab
9 Yanas Baridou
10 Nuba Drums (Solo)
11 Jibal Alnuba
A1 Habibi Taal
A2 Soukura (It's Late)
A3 Nuba Noutou
A4 Oud Solo
A5 Bilad Aldahb
B1 Fugu (Shams Alhurria)
B2 Rennat
B3 Wad Alnuba Ft. Sounds of Taraab
B4 Yanas Baridou
B5 Nuba Drums (Solo)
B6 Jibal Alnuba
Aretha Franklin
1 Rock a Bye you Baby with a Dixie Melody
2 Cry Like A Baby
3 One Step Ahead
4 Runnin Out of Fools
5 Try a Little Tenderness
6 Sweet Bitter Love
7 God Bless The Child
8 If Ever I Would Leave You
9 Won't Be Long
10 Love is The Only Thing
11 Sweet Lover
12 All Night Long
13 Who Needs You
14 It Ain't Necessarily So
Performance / Esther Phillips / Kudu / Vinyl LP / Used
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' / Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
A1 Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
B1 Muguette - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
Sounds Of The City Experience
A1 Gettin' Down
A2 Through No Fault Of Our Own
A3 It's So Wonderful Baby/Gina
A4 Come On And Stay With Me
A5 Stuff N' Thing
B1 Keep On Keepin' On
B2 Babylon
B3 Reality
B4 Judgement Day
B5 My People
Robot Legs
Horns Of Freedom
A1 Gaia's Revenge
A2 Afrocat
A3 Criminality
A4 Pinprick
A5 Project 31
B1 The Wave
B2 Too Big
B3 Horns Of Freedom
Contemporary Afro Beat 2x12"
A1 Fanga - Crache La Douleur
A2 Odu - Afrobeat Principles #1
A3 N'Ghare Hi Power Band - Campus Rock
B1 Aphrodesia - Special Girl
B2 Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble - P.D.P.
B3 Boogoos - Theme From Isaac Kirya
B4 Afrodita - Africa My Dear
C1 Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra - Donkey
C2 Afromotive - One Way Go
C3 Jojo Quo & His Challengers - Every Woman Is Good Woman
D1 Albino! - Jing Bong Wah
D2 Afrodelic Stegosaurchestra - Matches
D3 Express Brass Band - Radio Kabul
Cold Game
A1 On Broadway
A2 Dance The Night Away (Do It Disco)
A3 If I Gave You My Love
A4 Everyday Love
B1 (Love Is Such A) Cold Game
B2 Clap, Sing & Shout About It
B3 It's A Shame
B4 I Can't Let You Get Away
B5 The Party Is Over
Busting The Bongos
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