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Soul / Funk

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A1 Gutterball
A2 Lonely For You Baby
A3 Workout
A4 Eazy Rider
B1 The Skunk
B2 Lope Song
B3 Booga Lou
B4 Cigar Eddie
B5 I Believe In Miracles
Night Life
Night Life / Blair / Miracle Records / Vinyl LP / Used
A Night Life
B Virgo Princess
Loving Arms
Loving Arms / Dobie Gray / MCA / Vinyl LP / Used
Torino Violenta / Rude Boy Funker
A1 Torino Violenta
B1 Rude Boy Funker
I Want To Know Do You Love Me
A1 I Want To Know Do You Love Me
B1 I Want To Know Do You Love Me (Instrumental)
Let My People Go
Let My People Go / Darondo / Ubiquity / Vinyl LP / New
A1 Let My People Go
A2 Legs (Part 1)
A3 Didn't I
A4 I Want Your Love So Bad
B1 How I Got Over
B2 My Momma & My Poppa
B3 Sure Know How To Love Me
B4 Listen To My Song
B5 True
Thank God For Girls
Traditori Di Tutti
1 Prologue
10 Two Pills In The Pocket
11 Miss Livia Ussaro
12 Annoying Repetitions
2 Giulia Mon Amour
3 Stainless Steel
4 One Hundred Guests
5 Mescaline 6
6 The Butcher's Bride
7 Vendetta
8 You Filthy Bastards !
9 Traitors
Traditori Di Tutti
A1 Prologue
A2 Giulia Mon Amour
A3 Stainless Steel
A4 One Hundred Guests
A5 Mescaline 6
A6 The Butcher's Bride
B1 Vendetta
B2 You Filthy Bastards !
B3 Traitors
B4 Two Pills In The Pocket
B5 Miss Livia Ussaro
B6 Annoying Repetitions
Egyptian Shumba
Egyptian Shumba / The Tammys / Jazzman / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Egyptian Shumba
B1 Egyptian Shumba (Alt.)
Reaction Psychotique EP
A1 Reaction Psychotique
A2 Same Old Story
B1 Drunken Master
B2 What A Day!
Dee Clark (self titled)
You Got A Tiger? / Does the Tiger Got You?
A1 You Got A Tiger?
B1 Does the Tiger Got You?
Jody's Freeze / Let's Go (It's Summertime)
A1 Jody's Freeze
B1 Let's Go (It's Summertime)
Afrika Man Feat. Jojo Kuo
A1 Afrika Man
B1 Afrika Man - Diesler Remix
B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster - Part 2 / The Elephant
A1 B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster - Part 2
B1 The Elephant
Giulia Mon Amour / Notte In Bovisa
A1 Giulia Mon Amour
B1 Notte In Bovisa
Tunjuga Remixes
Tunjuga Remixes / Ikebe Shakedown / Ubiquity / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Tujunga (Brennan Green'S Acido Disco)
A2 Tujunga (Brennan Green'S Disco Acido Stripped)
B1 Tujunga (Original)
B2 Tujunga (Meridian West - Passport Remix)
Superhero / Kormac / Scribble Records / Vinyl 12" / New
A1 Superhero (Feat. MC Little Tree)
B1 Another Screen (Feat. Irvine Welsh)
The Revelations (Self Titled)
A1 Proluton - Sweet Daniela
A2 Proluton - Dedicated To J. Hendrix
A3 Lindock - Good Morning Mr. Gleen
A4 Chimenti - Blue 1971
A5 Chimenti - Lively
B1 Proluton - Memory Of Brasil
B2 Lindock - Soul 111
B3 Onward - Old Wa Wa
B4 Lindock - Spanish Theme
B5 Prolution - Drops
Heaven & Hell Is On Earth
A1 Heaven & Hell Is On Earth (Radio Edit)
A2 Land Of A Thousand Dancers
B1 Heaven & Hell Is On Earth (Original)
B2 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Jazzin' With The Soul Brothers 2x12"
A1 Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Sex Machine
A2 Funk Inc. - Give Me Your Love
A3 Charles Earland - Sing A Simple Song
B1 Idris Muhammad - Super Bad
B2 Melvin Sparks - Thank You (Falettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again)
B3 Leon Spencer - Mercy Mercy Me
B4 Houston Person - Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
C1 "Philly" Joe Jones - Ain't No Sunshine
C2 Rusty Bryant - If You Really Love Me
C3 Funk Inc. - Runnin' Away
D1 Charles Earland - (You Caught Me) Smilin'
D2 Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff - What's Goin' On
D3 Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Trouble Man
D4 Bernard Purdie - Cold Sweat
Get Up And Go
A1 John Cameron - Top Team
A2 John Cameron - Dynamite
A3 John Cameron - Landslide
A4 John Cameron - Tower Of Power
A5 John Cameron - Ride Of Champions 1
A6 John Cameron - Ride Of Champions 2
A7 John Cameron - Ski Friday
A8 John Cameron - Grand Slalom
A9 John Cameron - Auto Calypso
B1 John Cameron - Go For Gold
B2 Mitch Dalton - Halfway To Rio
B3 Richard Niles - Sure
B4 Mitch Dalton - Coast To Coast
B5 Richard Niles - Summer Sports
B6 Steve Gray - Eye Catcher
B7 Steve Gray - The Brutonian
B8 I. Martin* & B. Dee - Light The Lights
Voodoo Trombone Quartet, The – Medium Wave  7"
The Basement Boys Presents - Mudfoot Jones
Super Bowl Sundae
Super Bowl Sundae / Ozomatli / Almo Sounds / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
A2 Super Bowl Sundae (LP Version)
B1 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix Instrumental)
B2 Super Bowl Sundae (LP Version Instrumental)
B3 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix Instrumental With Chorus)
Soul Overdue
A1 No More Heartaches
A2 Trouble Man
A3 Never Never Love A Married Man
A4 I'd Rather Go Blind
A5 No Man Worries
B1 Sunny
B2 You Got It
B3 Save Me
B4 You Got Me Started
B5 Mama Feelgood
B6 Dragging Me Down
Sometimes i feel like a motherless Child / Quantic remix
A1 Sometimes i feel like a motherless Child
B1 Quantic remix
Right where you are (Tom Middleton and Hot Chip remixes)
A1 Tom Middleton Biz remix
A2 Hot Chip remix
B1 Tom Middleton EEP remix
B2 Extended version
Parasite / State Terrorism
A1 Parasite
B1 State Terrorism
Naive / I Think I'm Gonna make it
Music Performed
Last night changed it all / Hit and Run Lover
A1 Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All
B1 Tommie Young - Hit And Run Lover
Killin It / Turn it Up
A1 Dynamites - Killin It
B1 Opensouls - Turn It Up
Jumping Beans / Four Samba Electronico
A1 Jumping Beans
B1 Four Samba Electronico
Jukebox Mambo Volume 2 - 2x12"
A1 Lincoln Chase - I Love Your Many Ways
A2 Christine Chatman & Peppy Prince Orch - Run Gal Run
A3 Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames - I Come From Jamaica
A4 Zilla Mayes - Calypso Blues
A5 Johnny Oliver - All I Have Is You
B1 Chuck Edwards & The Joe Scott Singers - Morning Train
B2 Oscar Saldana - Mambo Hop
B3 Jimmy Nolen - Jimmy's Jive
B4 The Four Blazes - All Night Long
B5 The Chanters - She Wants To Mambo
B6 Jeanne Demetz & Johnny Alston Orchestra - Calypso Daddy
C1 Camille Howard - Within This Heart Of Mine
C2 Ashton Savoy - Denga Denga
C3 Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra - Later Gator
C4 Note & Toe And The Grenadiers - I Got A Cold - Calypso
C5 John McKinney & The Premiers - Gee, I Love You
D1 T-Bone Walker - Plain Old Down Home Blues
D2 Ron Rico (2) With Sax Kari & Orchestra - Chano
D3 Don Tosti Y Su Conjunto - Mambo Del Pachuco
D4 Billy Emerson - Satisfied
D5 Frank
D6 Red Saunders & His Orchestra - Summertime
Hot Shit Dope Afro Funk
A1 Charly Kingson - Born In Africa
A2 John Ozila - Funky Boogie (12? Version)
A3 Marsha Hunt - (Oh No Not) The Beast Day
A4 Mandingo - The Headhunter
B1 Muscle Shoals Horns - Break Down
B2 Adriano Celentano - L’Unica Chance
B3 Tumblack - Caraiba
B4 Soulful Dynamics - We Are Running (Live)
Hercules / Gossip
A Aaron Neville - Hercules
B Cyril Neville - Gossip
Gettin' Soul Part 1 / It's Got To Be Something
A1 Gettin' Soul Part 1
B1 It's Got To Be Something
Get Caught
Get Caught / Cutty Lark / Do Right! Music / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Get Caught (Vocal)
B1 Get Caught (Instrumental)
Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter / Save me
A1 Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter
B1 Save me
Clap Ya Hands To It / Put Ya Hands Up
A1 Clap Ya Hands To It
B1 Put Ya Hands Up
California Soul / Wade in the Water
A1 California Soul
B1 Wade in the Water
Cal Tjader - Mamblues / Cal Tjader & Bernard Purdie - Mamblues
A1 Cal Tjader - Mamblues
B1 Cal Tjader & Bernard Purdie - Mamblues
Bite The Bit
A1 Bite The Bit
A2 Snake Hips Johnson
B1 Smoke It
B2 Rock Steady
Baila a Tu Manera Whiskey barrons remix (Featuring Sammy Ayala)
A1 Baila A Tù Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix Vocal)
B1 Baila A Tù Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix Instrumental)
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