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Shamrock Diaries
Shamrock Diaries / Chris Rea / Magnet / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Steel River
A2 Stainsby Girls
A3 Chisel Hill
A4 Josephine
A5 One Golden Rule
B1 All Summer Long
B2 Stone
B3 Shamrock Diaries
B4 Love Turns To Lies
B5 Hired Gun


Pipes Of Peace
Pipes Of Peace / Paul McCartney / Parlophone / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Pipes Of Peace
A2 Say Say Say
A3 The Other Me
A4 Keep Under Cover
A5 So Bad
B1 The Man
B2 Sweetest Little Show
B3 Average Person
B4 Hey Hey
B5 Tug Of Peace
B6 Through Our Love


Tug Of War
Tug Of War / Paul McCartney / EMI / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Tug Of War
A2 Take It Away
A3 Somebody Who Cares
A4 What's That You're Doing?
A5 Here Today
B1 Ballroom Dancing
B2 The Pound Is Sinking
B3 Wanderlust
B4 Get It
B5 Be What You See (Link)
B6 Dress Me Up As A Robber
B7 Ebony And Ivory


Jo Dee Messina (self titled)
Lay It On The Line


Track Title
A1 It's On The Way
A2 Starting Things Over
A3 Constellation Ride
A4 Night Passage
B1 Lay It On The Line
B2 Black Coffee
B3 Tiger Street
B4 Goodbye


Woody Herman
Woody Herman / Woody Herman / Giants Of Jazz / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Lemon Drop
A2 Blowin' Up A Storm
A3 Four Others
A4 Mulligan Tawny
A5 Early Autumn
A6 Keeper Of The Flame
A7 Tenderly
B1 Four Brothers
B2 The Third Herd
B3 Stompin' At The Savoy
B4 Moten Swing
B5 Sonny Speaks
B6 Rhapsody In Wood
B7 Goosey Gander
Cello Concerto
Beethoven - Violin Concerto
Eroica - Symphony No 3

Symphony No. 3 E flat Major Op.55

Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra
Alvin Stardust
Alvin Stardust / Alvin Stardust / Magnet / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Red Dress
A2 Heartbeat
A3 Just Love Me Baby
A4 Where's She Gone
A5 You, You, You
B1 Chilli Willi
B2 Jump Down!
B3 Shake On Little Roller!
B4 Tell Me Why
B5 First Train Out
B6 Blind Fool


Scotland In Sound And Story


Track Title
A1 Ali Bain - Oliver Jack
A2 Strings of Scotland - The Laird Of Drumblair
A3 Peter Mallan - Afton Water
A4 The Corries - Kishmul's Galley
A5 Kathie Kay - Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee (Dream O'Hame)
A6 Kathie Kay - Bonnie Scotland
B1 Chick Murray As William MacGonigall
B2 Jerry and Eric - Rothesay'o
B3 Chick Murray - I Belong To Glasgow
B4 Pipes and drums of scots Guard - The Black Bear
B5 Peter Mallan - Scots Wae-Hae
B6 Calum Mclean and the Pibroch - Mrs. MacLeod
B7 Peter Mallan - Road To The Isles
B8 Moira Anderson - Loch Lomond


Tightride / Broke & Hearted
A1 Tightride
B1 Broke & Hearted


Track Title
A1 Sunshine (DF's Early Morning Mix)
B1 Sunshine (DF's Early Morning Dub)
B2 Sunshine (Wide Open AC's)


Paradise / Pãwshēr / Permission


Track Title
A1 Paradise
B1 Pãwshēr
B2 Permission


Assemblage / Japan / Hansa International / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Adolescent Sex
A2 Stateline
A3 Communist China
A4 ...Rhodesia
A5 Suburban Berlin
B1 Life In Tokyo
B2 European Son
B3 All Tomorrow's Parties
B4 Quiet Life
B5 I Second That Emotion


Dancing With Strangers
Dancing With Strangers / Chris Rea / Magnet / Vinyl LP / Used


Track Title
A1 Joys Of Christmas
A2 I Can't Dance To That
A3 Windy Town
A4 Gonna Buy A Hat
A5 Curse Of The Traveller
B1 Let's Dance
B2 Que Sera
B3 Josie's Tune
B4 Loving You Again
B5 That Girl Of Mine
B6 September Blue


Whose World Is This (CD+DVD)
Wherever We Go
A1 Wherever We Go (Original)
A2 Wherever We Go (Instrumental)
B1 Wherever We Go (Space Engine Mix)
B2 Wherever We Go (Instrumental)
B3 Backyard
Voodoo Trombone Quartet, The – Medium Wave  7"
Via Condotti Roma - Streets of Fasion
Under Rug Swept
Ultravox The Collection
A1 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
A2 Hymn (The Power And The Glory)
A3 The Thin Wall
A4 The Voice
A5 Vienna
A6 Passing Strangers
A7 Sleepwalk
B1 Reap The Wild Wind
B2 All Stood Still
B3 Visions In Blue
B4 We Came To Dance
B5 One Small Day
B6 Love's Great Adventure
B7 Lament
Tuesday Night Music Club
Torpedo Bootz - Volume 2
A1 Disco! Disco! Disco Song!
A2 Can't Make It To Pasadena
B1 U Keep Me Chickee Pow!
B2 Ugly Japaneeze
Time I Got My Own Thing
A1 Time I Got My Own Thing
A2 Control Is Smooth
B1 Chillin On The Rhodes (Kidgusto Remix)
B2 Chillin On The Rhodes (Original)
Till / Big Town
A1 Till
B1 Big Town
Thug Nature / Wanted Dead Or Alive
A1 Thug Nature (Original Vocal)
A2 Thug Nature (Instrumental)
B1 Wanted Dead Or Alive (Original Street Vocal) feat Snoop Doggy Dogg
B2 Wanted Dead Or Alive (Instrumental)
Thrène 1 Et 2 / L'Amant Déserté (Ondes Martenot)
A1 Thrène 1 Et 2
B1 L'Amant Déserté
Thirsty Ear Presents Blue Series Sampler - The Shape of Jazz to Come
The Way We Like it
A1 The Way We Like It (Original Extended)
A2 The Way We Like It (DC Joseph Remix)
B1 The Way We Like It (Lazy Batusu Remix)
B2 The Way We Like It (This Is Rhythm Remix)
The Trip
The Trip / Dexter / Melting Pot Music / Vinyl LP / New
The Ride / Stomp That
A1 The Ride (Street)
A2 The Ride (Radio)
A3 The Ride (Instrumental)
A4 The Ride (Acapella)
B1 Stomp That (Radio)
B2 Stomp That (Instrumental)
B3 Stomp That (Accapella)
The Rhythm Station
The Neptunes Present...Clones [PA]
The Nasa EP
The Nasa EP / Astronuts / Zebra Records / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Voyager
B1 Spoetnik
B2 Voyager (V-Room Mix)
The Man Who
The Man Who / Travis / Independiente / CD / Used
The last Dog and Pony Show (2xCD) interview Disc
The Chosen Path
A1 The Chosen Path (Techno Mix)
B1 The Chosen Path (Trance Mix)
The Basement Boys Presents - Mudfoot Jones
That Ain't No Mermaid
A1 That Ain't No Mermaid (Quincy Jointz Remix)
A2 That Ain't No Mermaid (Anthony Mansfield Remix)
B1 That Ain't No Mermaid (Tal's Pentapedal Remix)
Sympathy For The Breakbeats
Sympathy For The Breakbeats / Rob Tex / EDR / Vinyl 7" / New
A1 Sympathy For The Breakbeats (Breakbeats Mix)
B1 Sympathy For The Breakbeats (Disco Mix)
Super Bowl Sundae
Super Bowl Sundae / Ozomatli / Almo Sounds / Vinyl 12" / Used
A1 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
A2 Super Bowl Sundae (LP Version)
B1 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix Instrumental)
B2 Super Bowl Sundae (LP Version Instrumental)
B3 Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix Instrumental With Chorus)
Straight Lift Sampler
A1 When I See You Smile (Fatboy Slim Remix)
A2 When I See You Smile (Deadly Avenger Remix)
B1 Holla Down
B2 Lets Get Down
Stole All My Love / Lost in the Crowd
A1 Stole All My Love
B1 Lost in the Crowd
Stars Of CCTV
Stars Of CCTV / Hard-Fi / Atlantic / CD / Used
Starhead / Jetscreamer / Bella Union / CD / Used
Speakerboxxx / The Love Below [PA] (2xCD)
Sounds From The Cave
A1 The Caveman
A2 Snob
A3 Trip Through The Water Door
A4 Brainticket
B1 Fuel
B2 Monolith Voodoo Vibes
B3 The Red Baron
B4 Conduit Closing
Soul Overdue
A1 No More Heartaches
A2 Trouble Man
A3 Never Never Love A Married Man
A4 I'd Rather Go Blind
A5 No Man Worries
B1 Sunny
B2 You Got It
B3 Save Me
B4 You Got Me Started
B5 Mama Feelgood
B6 Dragging Me Down
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