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Bent out of Shape

Card Sleeve Edition, Tracks listed like a LP side 1 and Side 2

Living for the Weekend (Signed Poster)

Included inside the case is a signed mini poster

Long Live Rock N Roll (2xSHMCD)
Long Live Rock N Roll (Gatefold CD and Booklet)

Card Gatefold CD with booklet, tracks listed like an LP ie side 1, side 2

On Stage (2xSHMCD Japan Edition)
Romanza / Andrea Bocelli / Polydor / CD / Used
Straight Between the Eyes
Strauss and Co
Are We Keeping You Up?
Are We Keeping You Up? / Bagatelle / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Is It Raining In Paris Tonight
A2 Johnny Set 'Em Up Tonight
A3 The Terrace
A4 Moving Out
A5 Jersey Girl
B1 Baby's Looking Good Tonight
B2 Farewell
B3 I Knew I Threw It All Away
B4 Midnight Child
B5 I Need A Woman
B6 Don't Play A Sad Song
Circa - Marys Danish
Common One
Common One / Van Morrison / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Haunts Of Ancient Peace
A2 Summertime In England
A3 Satisfied
B1 Wild Honey
B2 Spirit
B3 When Heart Is Open
Country Funk
Country Funk / Country Funk / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Apart Of Me
A2 Phoebe (Mourning Pink)
A3 Really My Friend
A4 Not This Time
A5 For Me
A6 Poor Boy
B1 A Way To Settle Down
B2 When I'm Without You
B3 Comin' In
B4 If I Find A Way (Song Of Love)
B5 Another Miss
B6 Want
Easy Pieces
A1 Rich
A2 Why I Love Country Music
A3 Pretty Gone
A4 Grace
A5 Cut Me Down
B1 Brand New Friend
B2 Lost Weekend
B3 James
B4 Minor Character
B5 Perfect Blue
Fiedlers Favourite Overtures - Shastakovich Sullivan Copland Goldmark
Full Cream
Full Cream / Cream / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 N.S.U.
A2 Sleepy Time Time
A3 Dreaming
A4 Sweet Wine
A5 Spoonful
B1 Cat's Squirrel
B2 Four Until Late
B3 Rollin' And Tumblin'
B4 I'm So Glad
B5 Toad
Full Cream
Full Cream / Cream / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
Heavy Cream 2x12"
Heavy Cream 2x12" / Cream / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Strange Brew
A2 White Room
A3 Badge
A4 Spoonful
A5 Rollin' And Tumblin'
B1 I Feel Free
B2 Born Under A Bad Sign
B3 Passing The Time
B4 As You Said
B5 Deserted Cities Of The Heart
C1 Cats Squirrel
C2 Crossroads
C3 Sitting On Top Of The World
C4 Swlabr
C5 What A Bringdown
C6 Tales Of Brave Ulysses
D1 Take It Back
D2 Poltician
D3 I'm So Glad
D4 Sunshine Of Your Love
D5 Those Were The Days
D6 Doing That Scrapyard Thing
Live Tapes 2x12"
Scissor Sisters
Swing Mit
Swing Mit / James Last / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
The Big Moose Calls His Baby Sweet Lorraine
The Size Of A Cow
A The Size Of A Cow
B1 Radio Ass Kiss
B2 Give, Give, Give, Me More, More, More.
The Who By Numbers
The Who By Numbers / The Who / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
A1 Slip Kid
A2 However Much I Booze
A3 Squeeze Box
A4 Dreaming From The Waist
A5 Imagine A Man
B1 Success Story
B2 They Are All In Love
B3 Blue Red And Grey
B4 How Many Friends
B5 In A Hand Or A Face
What A Bunch Of Sweeties
Wilderness / C.W. McCall / Polydor / Vinyl LP / Used
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